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"The “Arctic shows no sign of returning to reliably frozen region of recent past decades”, starts the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration’s annual Arctic Annual Report Card reported in December." (Photo: NOAA) Views
The Arctic – Our Climate Canary in the Coal Mine – Issues Further Warnings
What happens in the Arctic will soon affect us all.
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The Last Oil: Gathering to Resist Trump’s Reckless Arctic Energy Policy
Instead of reducing extraction of fossil fuels to stabilize the global climate as science mandates, the Trump administration has launched a war on environmental conservation and indigenous human rights
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"With recent polling showing that 66 percent of Democrats care deeply about the issue, the support for urgent and decisive climate action is growing in the party base." (Photo: Food & Water Action Fund) Views
These Candidates for Congress Want to Win in 2018 on a Platform of Decisive Climate Action
More than 100 U.S. House and Senate candidates pledge to move off fossil fuels.
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BP's Deepwater Horizon oil spill News
Trump Administration Condemned for Plan to 'Recklessly' Expand Offshore Drilling
A new proposal "continues the Trump administration's all-out assault on public lands and waters."
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The jet stream and polar vortex on January 3, 2018. (Photo: Map from the University of Maine Climate Change Institute.) Views
The Polar Vortex, Winter Storm Grayson, and Climate Change: What’s the Connection?
Scientists are making progress in better understanding how much natural seasonal patterns, ocean cycles, and other factors play a role in altering the jet stream and how much global warming is responsible.
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wind turbine News
GOP Tax Scam Attacks Renewables While Nurturing Nuclear and Fossil Fuel Industries
Republican lawmakers propose drilling for oil on protected lands, offering tax cuts to gas companies, and funding nuclear reactors while slashing tax credits for wind and solar companies
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Scholars for the Arctic Refuge
An open letter calling upon Congress to remove reckless Arctic Refuge drilling proposal from the budget.
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Kayaktivists in Seattle, Washington staged a flotilla to block one of Shell's drilling rigs from reaching its Arctic destination. Views
Drilling, Drilling, Everywhere...
Will the Trump Administration Take Down the Arctic Refuge?
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mom and baby polar bears News
Alaska Senator Denounced for 'Deplorable' Attempt to Force Drilling in Arctic Wildlife Refuge
Environmentalists sharply rebuked Sen. Lisa Murkowski's (R-Alaska) proposal to force the sale of drilling rights contracts for public land in Alaska
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#ProtectTheArctic: Senate Battle Underway to Stop GOP From ANWR Drilling
"Opening the Arctic National Wildlife Refuge to drilling won't balance the budget, but it will break the trust of the American people who object to a greedy few robbing us of our irreplaceable natural heritage."
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