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Thawing Permafrost Emitting Higher Levels of Potent Greenhouse Gas Than Previously Thought: Study
Nitrous oxide is nearly 300 times more potent than carbon dioxide
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The Yukon River winds through western interior Alaska in early April. (Photo: UAF/Todd Paris) News
Researchers Warn Arctic Has Entered 'Unprecedented State' That Threatens Global Climate Stability
"Never have so many Arctic indicators been brought together in a single paper." And the findings spell trouble for the entire planet.
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'Huge Victory for Our Oceans': Trump Effort to Open Arctic to Oil and Gas Drilling Ruled Illegal
"The judge's ruling today shows that the president cannot just trample on the constitution to do the bidding of his cronies in the fossil fuel industry at the expense of our oceans, wildlife, and climate."
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A member of the Porcupine caribou herd News
New Legislation Aims to Avert Arctic Giveway to 'Corporate Polluters' Sneaked Into GOP Tax Scam
Announcement comes as scholars warn fossil fuel drilling in Arctic refuge "would contribute to the escalating crises of climate change and biological annihilation."
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Arctic Refuge Protectors: An Open Letter from Teachers and Scholars
Fossil fuel development in the Coastal Plain would devastate an Arctic nursery of global significance. It would violate human rights, jeopardize food security, and threaten the health and safety of Indigenous communities. It would contribute to the escalating crises of climate change and biological...
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The Gulkana Glacier in the Alaska Range, like most glaciers globally, is losing mass rapidly. Some experts predict that every alpine glacier in the world will be gone by 2100. (Photo: Dahr Jamail) Views
'We Can't Undo This': On a Planet in Crisis
The heat’s on us
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Trump Admin Charges Ahead With 'Reckless' Plan to Turn Over Arctic Wildlife Refuge to Fossil Fuel Industry
Conservationists warn that "once we industrialize our last great Alaskan wilderness areas, there's no going back."
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Friends of the Earth campaigner Verner Wilson III Views
I Went Dungeness Crabbing in Washington. Here's Why I'm Concerned About Increased Shipping From Trans Mountain Pipeline
Risking our abundant natural resources to fossil fuel shipping is reckless to coastal economies
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'Disaster Waiting to Happen' as Trump Quietly Approves Massive Oil Drilling Project in Arctic Waters Off Alaska Coast
"This project sets us down a dangerous path of destroying the Arctic. We'll keep fighting this project and any new ones that follow."
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"Your pain matters. Your experience matters." (Photo: Screenshot) News
Eve Ensler to White Women Supporting Kavanaugh: Stand With Survivors & Fight This Nomination
"I think we’re in the middle of a gender war. Trump is essentially declared a war."
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