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Considering that Pompeo is widely known as both a war hawk—a proponent of war with Iran—and an ally of blatant Islamophobes, his declaration of service to a perfect God is definitely troubling. (Photo: Win McNamee/Getty Images) Views
The Collusion Of Church and State
Where are the values—religious or otherwise—that can save this recklessly careening, war-addicted, carbon-spewing state from participating both in its own and the whole planet's destruction?
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It’s always tricky to predict outcomes in the Supreme Court, but with its five-member conservative majority now firmly entrenched, the panel is poised to swing further to the right as it grapples with issues on LGBT rights, the Deferred Action for Childhood Arrivals (DACA) program, abortion, the Second Amendment and “religious liberty.” (Photo: wbentprice / Flickr) Views
The Supreme Court Could Spell the End of American Democracy
The nine justices who constitute our most powerful judicial body are set to decide a bevy of politically charged cases that could impact the 2020 elections and profoundly affect the lives of each and every American.
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Secretary of State Mike Pompeo delivered his address, titled "Being a Christian Leader," to a gathering of the American Association of Christian Counselors last Friday in Nashville, Tennessee. (Photo: Screengrab/State Department Website) News
US State Dept. Under Fire for Using Official Website to Promote Pompeo's "Christian Nationalist Talking Points"
"The Department of State looks more like it should be representing the Republic of Gilead from The Handmaid's Tale than an America that respects religious equality under the law."
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Young people at a concert. Motivating youth—who are largely irreligious—to vote could bring about positive change. Views
Prodding the Irreligious Left to Vote
If atheists and agnosticis could be induced to participate more strongly in elections, America's moral climate would improve
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If love is indeed an indicator of true religion, then let us choose love. (Photo: Erik McGregor/Pacific Press/LightRocket via Getty Images) Views
At the Dividing Line Between the U.S. and Mexico, Two Very Different Visions of God Meet
It would seem that "the God who blesses America," at least the one called upon by politicians in recent years, comes with many strings attached and a well-entrenched belief system designed to protect those who already possess the most.
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Abortion rights supporters in Missouri take part in a protest, after state lawmakers passed rules aimed at closing Missouri’s only abortion clinic, May 30, 2019. (Photo: AP Photo/Jeff Roberson) Views
When Religious Ideology Drives Abortion Policy, Poor Women Suffer the Consequences
Studies show that abortion rates across countries are similar regardless of legality.
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According to the court, non-theistic people are not capable of meeting the goals of legislative prayer – only believers in the divine can do that. (Photo: A member of the Pennsylvania House of Representative recites an opening prayer) Views
Federal Appeals Court Green Lights Discrimination Against Non-Theists
It's yet another in a problematic line of recent decisions that allow government entities to endorse and promote religion (just about always Christianity) as long as it’s being done for "historic" purposes.
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Critics Condemn Inclusion of Anti-Semitic, White Nationalist Blog Post in Daily Briefing Sent to Immigration Judges by Trump's DOJ
"There is no bottom," Rep. Ilhan Omar said of the Trump administration
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In Wars and Weapons We Trust: Military Strength Is America's National Religion
What happened to "blessed are the peacemakers"?
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Faith-Based Peace Activists, Facing 25-Year Sentence, Defend Disarmament Action at Nuclear Submarine Base
"I would argue our communal criminal history has been all about upholding the basic tenets of love and providing for the common good."
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