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Portuguese Prime Minister and Secretary general of Socialist Party Antonio Costa News
Socialists Win in Portugal in Rebuke to Far-Right Populism
The center-right Social Democratic Party had its worst result in over three decades.
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School strike for climate in Melbourne (Photo: Julian Meehan via Flickr) Views
The New Age of Protest
People are hitting the streets to protest government inaction, repression, and corruption. Does that mean democracy is in trouble or stronger than ever?
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New polling from Data for Progress shows that Democrats, Republicans, and Independents are united in their support for policies that would radically restructure the current system. (Photo: Floris Van Cauwelaert/flickr/cc) Views
You Might Be Surprised at How Far Americans Are Willing to Go to Overthrow the Power of Big Pharma
No industry is more unpopular than the pharmaceutical industry.
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Another World is Possible Views
Teaching Democrats to Talk About Socialism
It doesn’t matter who the Democratic nominee for president is next year, they will be attacked for being “socialist.” It will be relentless and merciless. The problem is that none of the current candidates know how to talk about socialism, so they always seem to be on the defensive. They’re always...
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Construction workers employed by the Tennessee Valley Authority, 1942. (Photo: Shutterstock) Views
'Socialism' Made America Great
The GOP hopes the S-word will scare you, but great public works projects transformed this country for the better.
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Sanders Campaign Says Trump 'Worried About Being Exposed as a Fraud' as Report Suggests President Wary of Running Against Socialism in 2020
"We'll have a national debate about policies that help the one percent versus policies that lift the 99. I get the sense Trump knows the reckoning is coming... No Sharpie edits will save him."
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Soy production for foreign markets, coupled with far-right government of President Jair Bolsonaro’s gutting of environmental protection agencies, are two drivers of the current, catastrophic increase in fires and deforestation. (Photo: Mario Tama/Getty Images) Views
As Brazil Burns, Northern Media Deploy a Strategy of Deflection
Instead of handwringing about the tragedy while trying to shift the blame, or acting like these devastating fires will somehow fight poverty, journalists should work harder to explain the role Northern business groups have in the process, and encourage boycotts against companies like Cargill.
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Signs for socialism and capitalism News
New Poll Shows 58 Percent of Canadians See Socialism Positively
Canadians "see socialism far more favorably than do our American friends."
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Nanjing Road in Shanghai, China.  (Photo by DuKai/Getty Images) Views
You Can’t Put Capitalism Over Sustainability—and Other Lessons From China
Humanity’s existential crisis can be resolved only when we the people stand united behind a vision of the world we truly want.
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Which 2020 Democrat Will Go After Trump's Destructive Embrace of Corporate Socialism?
Our political economy is largely controlled by giant corporations and their political toadies. Today the concentration of power and wealth is staggering.
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