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Edward Snowden won the Right Livelihood Award in 2014, and accepted the award from Moscow. (Photo: Screenshot) News
Edward Snowden: If I Came Back to the U.S., I Would Likely Die in Prison for Telling the Truth
At Wednesday’s The Right Livelihood Awards, Amy Goodman interviewed Snowden in front of the award ceremony’s live audience via video link from Moscow.
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Evo Morales was Bolivia’s first indigenous leader, was credited with lifting nearly a fifth of Bolivia’s population out of poverty since he took office in 2006. (Photo: UNIS Vienna/flickr/cc) News
"This Is a Military Coup": Bolivian President Evo Morales Resigns After Army Calls for His Ouster
"Bolivia is in a state of political crisis."
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"We’re in deep, deep trouble."(Photo: Drew Angerer/Getty Images) Views
Trump's Climate Crimes Are His Most Impeachable Offenses
The climate crisis imperils the planet. To deny it is impeachable, the highest of high crimes and misdemeanors.
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"Don’t we need, as a public, to understand what the government is doing … behind closed doors?" (Photo: Jared Rodriguez / Truthout) Views
Snowden Knows Exactly Why No One Wants to Be a Whistleblower
"NSA whistleblowers who did go through this process had their lives destroyed."
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"They want to talk about the whistleblower rather than the government’s own wrongdoing." (Photo: Screenshot/Democracy Now!) News
Edward Snowden Condemns Trump’s Mistreatment of Whistleblower Who Exposed Ukraine Scandal
"We have had so much mistreatment of whistleblowers here."
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With Trump’s election, Prince was back in the game.(Photo: Screenshot) News
Ex-Blackwater CEO Erik Prince Makes a Comeback Under Trump Selling Mercenary Armies Around the World
"Erik Prince travels the world almost weekly going to capitals, meeting with countries’ leaders, selling a mercenary concept, a paramilitary arm."
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 "I continue to believe that we should see the full Mueller report. I support that completely." (Photo: Screenshot) News
'Saddest Media Spectacle I’ve Ever Seen': Journalists Glenn Greenwald and David Cay Johnston Debate Russiagate
"There will be no reckoning and consequences for this story that the media got radically, fundamentally and deliberately wrong for almost three years now in a very dangerous way."
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"The U.S. is trying to overthrow the government of Venezuela and that it will be willing to use violence, to use military force, if necessary." (Photo: Democracy Now) News
'US Trying to Overthrow the Government of Venezuela,' Warns Veteran Journalist Allan Nairn
Ousting Madura, privatizing Venezuela's oil, and war criminals
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Chase Iron Eyes, an activist and lead attorney for the Lakota People’s Law Project. (Photo: Screenshot) News
Chase Iron Eyes: Trump’s Mocking of Native Americans Gives License to Others to Denigrate My People
"We have a president who is flippantly dehumanizing and offensive about our genocide here in Lakota country. My family literally survived Wounded Knee."
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"Look at the way airport workers and federal employees, in general, are being treated." (Photo: Screenshot) News
Strike! Barbara Ehrenreich Calls on TSA Workers to Walk Off Job in Protest of Government Shutdown
"Our point is, don’t just take this lying down."
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