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(Photo: Courtesy of NASA/Grace Team) Views
Will Antarctic Ice Doom Us All?
A new study arrives at some disturbing numbers
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Which Side Are You On: Still Blocking the Coal Train In Harlan County
Photo by Pat McDonough/Courier Journal. Front photo by Meg Roussos/Bloomberg via Getty This Labor Day marked over a month since coal miners in Kentucky's infamous Bloody Harlan County, setting up defiant camp under the maxim " No Pay, We Stay, " began blockading railroad tracks to protest getting...
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The Messiahs of Hope Assure Us Everything Will Be OK in the End. But It Won't
Justice cannot be fought for in the abstract. It must be grounded in a concrete confrontation with power
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Hurricane Dorian News
'Historic, Catastrophic' Category 5 Hurricane Dorian Hits Bahamas, Still Threatens Southeast US Coast
As footage of the devastation began to emerge online, one expert warned that "if we continue to increase our emissions of greenhouse gasses, these kind of damages will also increase."
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Sen. Bernie Sanders (I-Vt.) Views
Neoliberals' Attack on Sanders' GND Plan Is a Clear and Present Danger
Democratic Party leaders, the mainstream press, and many in the paid punditocracy are still asking if we can "afford" to implement a program that is—quite literally—necessary
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Florida Gov. Ron DeSantis Views
As Hurricane Dorian Threatens Florida, Gov. DeSantis and Trump—Who Haven't Curbed CO2 Emissions—Should Resign
Florida emits 227,000,000 metric tons of carbon dioxide every year
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Cotton Field Views
Big Ag Is a Major Obstacle to Combating the Climate Crisis
Grim as the recent U.N.'s climate report is, it doesn't go far enough to confront the dangerous government-hijacking power of agribusiness
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Tipping Point: UN Biodiversity Chief Warns Burning of Amazon Could Lead to 'Cascading Collapse of Natural Systems'
"If we don't work together, we are going to die together."
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The 2017 Grenfell Tower fire in London killed seventy-two people. (Photo: Natalie Oxford) Views
As the World Burns
Catastrophes in the Amazon and elsewhere are flash points for the larger, ongoing crisis that claims lives in less spectacular fashion—one that sees life itself as expendable.
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Children and adults wait for the arrival of teenage climate activist Greta Thunberg into New York City after crossing the Atlantic in a sailboat on on August 28, 2019 in New York City. News
"Don't Just Watch Us. Join Us," Say Activists, as Greta Thunberg Joins Climate Strike Outside UN Headquarters
Swedish teen continues weekly school strike for climate, for the first time on this side of the Atlantic
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