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2017 March for Science News
'We Are at a Crisis Point' Warns New Report Exposing 'Science Under Siege' From the Trump Administration
"Scientific research by the federal government has led to safer road and air travel, life-saving drugs, and so much more. We must protect its independence and integrity."
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School strike for climate in Melbourne (Photo: Julian Meehan via Flickr) Views
The New Age of Protest
People are hitting the streets to protest government inaction, repression, and corruption. Does that mean democracy is in trouble or stronger than ever?
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After all, the future doesn’t belong to him or to me. It belongs to my kids and your kids and all the generations to follow. (Photo: Hannah Peters/Getty Images) Views
Protecting the Children on a Trumpian Planet
Trumping the future would mean no future at all for my three kids
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'Stunning Rebuke to Predatory Wall Street Megabanks' as California Gov. Signs Law Allowing Creation of Public Banks
"The people of California just went up against the most powerful corporate lobby in the country—and won."
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School children shout slogans during a strike and protest by students highlighting inadequate progress to address climate change in Sydney on March 15, 2019. Around the world, during a week of rolling and coordinated strikes and marches, more than 7 millions people demanded bold action to address the planetary emergency. (Photo:  Saeed Khan/AFP/Getty Images) Views
Youth Climate Strikers Have Accused World Leaders Like Me of Failure. They Are Right
Around the world an unstoppable movement takes hold
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Democratic presidential candidates participate in the third Democratic Presidential Debate in Houston, Texas on September 12. Each candidate has put forth a plan for addressing the climate crisis, but success will require the interplay of skilled and principled politicians and an active citizenry working together.  (Photo: Justin Sullivan/Getty Images) Views
'No Winners on a Dead Earth': Why We Need a Climate Leader in 2020
The climate crisis is our common cause, and we’ll need to elect a president that is willing to take it on.
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The Fight to Stop the Climate Crisis is Local
Everywhere the global #ClimateStrike movement exists, the fight to protect ourselves from fossil fuel extraction and climate injustice is personal and lives at home in our communities.
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 Part of the pushback against these deals is the continued growth in rural communities of controversial factory farms (operations with thousands, if not tens of thousands, of animals producing large amounts of manure) primarily to feed exporting agribusiness companies. (Photo: KOMUnews/cc/flickr) Views
Trump’s Japan Deal Another Win for Global Meat Companies
The Trump administration is building quite a record of favoritism for these multinationals that now rivals its well-known allegiance to the fossil fuel industry.
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Mangrove boardwalk News
Despite 'Enormous Potential' as Carbon Sink, Australia's Damaged Coastal Ecosystems Spewing Millions of Tons of CO2
"Australia is in a position to take a leading role in developing policies to offset greenhouse gas emissions which can then be implemented around the world."
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Sen. Ed Markey (D-Mass.) shares a laugh with Rep. Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez (D-N.Y.) in February as the two introduced the Green New Deal in February of 2019. News
'Most Important Climate Leader in the Senate': Green Groups Back Sen. Ed Markey in Primary Fight With Joe Kennedy
"I like Joe Kennedy," said Rep. Ro Khanna (D-Calif.). "I just don't know why he would choose to run against the climate change movement."
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