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Sherco power plant News
To Stave Off 'Climate Disaster,' 29 States and Major Cities Sue Trump EPA Over 'Dirty Power' Rule
"President Trump's attempt to gut our nation's Clean Power Plan is foolish. It's also unlawful."
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'This Is Crazy': Scientists Alarmed as Lightning Near North Pole Seen as Latest Sign of Climate Breakdown
"I think there's potential for nasty surprises coming out of the Arctic."
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Hawaii's Kanapou Bay News
Humanity's Destruction of Oceans Nearly Doubled Over a Decade, Scientists Warn, and Could Double Again Without Urgent Action
"The solutions are known and within our grasp. We just need the social and political will to take action."
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Demonstrators spotlight the power of soil at a march in Oakland Views
Regenerative Agriculture Is Key for a Sustainable Climate and Food System
The recent Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change report shows that agriculture is responsible for 37 percent of greenhouse gas emissions
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In First-of-Its-Kind Survey, Greenlanders Report Fear and Anxiety Over Effects of Climate Crisis
"It is hard for me to imagine the country's future."
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Guatemalan migrants deported from the United States remain outside the Air Force Base after their arrival in Guatemala City on July 31, 2019. Views
All or Nothing: A Green New Deal for Central America
The Trump administration is already campaigning for the upcoming elections and its main target is an easy fragile one – migration and how to put the brakes on it. Turning Guatemala into a temporary prison has been its latest achievement.
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Deforestation Views
The Need for a Climate Action Plan That Puts Forests Front and Center Is Clearer Than Ever
Forest-related solutions are cost effective precisely because we can harness the power of nature to address climate change.
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Submerged graffiti reads: I don't believe in global warming. Views
Deniers Deflated as Climate Reality Hits Home
It’s getting harder for anyone to deny the reality staring us in the face.
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Site of the TVA Coal Ash Disaster more than Three Years Later Views
Trump’s New Coal Rules Will Bury Rural America
People of color and white rural populations are going to suffer the most from the EPA’s war on renewable power.
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bleached coral News
Example of 'Unknown Unknowns,' Study Detailing 'Almost Instant Mortality of Corals' Suggests Crisis Worse Than Previously Understood
"The water temperatures are so warm that the coral animal doesn't bleach... the animal dies and its underlying skeleton is all that remains."
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