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Then-Interior Department assistant secretary Joe Balash signs directives June 26 in Anchorage revoking decades-old federal public land orders, in the process making more than 1.3 million acres overseen by the Bureau of Land Management eligible for conveyance to the state, Alaska Native corporations, and other uses. News
'Just Another Day in the Kleptocracy': Trump Interior Dept. Official Heads to Fossil Fuel Extraction Company in Apparent Sequel to Alaska Plunder Push
"The revolving door of the Trump Administration continues to spin—and it's wider than ever before."
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Ahead of Climate Forum, Green Groups Demand CNN Ask Joe Biden Why He Hasn't Signed 'No Keystone XL Pipeline' Pledge
Other top-tier candidates including Sens. Elizabeth Warren and Bernie Sanders signed the pledge shortly after it was released two weeks ago
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Biden has been notoriously gaffe-prone for his entire career. (Photo: Marc Nozell/cc/flickr) Views
This Is Joe Biden's Emails Problem
Is Joe Biden mentally unsound?
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The path that we are on leads to darkness. (Photo: Gabriele Holtermann-Gorden/SIPA USA/PA Images) Views
The G7 Was a Joke. Three Degrees Warming Isn’t
We need a European Green New Deal that delivers justice on a scale to match the threat of environmental breakdown. Here's how we do it.
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"Historians belong in this debate," writes the University of Michigan professor, "because our moment is world-historical, and only historians can set it in context." (Photo: University of Michigan) Views
Failing Breitbart Comes for Juan Cole on Climate History and It Won’t Go Well
I don't demean myself by reading Breitbart. I'd rather lie naked in my garden during a rainstorm and let slugs traverse me, leaving trails of slime. But I know who they are are.
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Warren Climate Plan Would Reverse Trump Tax Cuts for Rich to Help Fund Transition to 100% Renewable Energy
"Nothing less than a national mobilization will be required to defeat climate change. It will require every single one of us, and it's time to roll up our sleeves and get to work—there is no time to waste."
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devastation in the bahamas News
As Aerial Footage of Devastated Bahamas Emerges, Campaigners Ask How Much Destruction and Death Before Global Climate Action Taken?
"Bahamians have paid a devastating price for a crisis fossil fuel billionaires created. This isn't right."
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Because we burn so much coal and gas and oil, the atmosphere of our world is changing rapidly, and that atmospheric change is producing record heat. (Photo: YES! illustration by Jennifer Luxton) Views
Bill McKibben: This Climate Strike Is Part of the Disruption We Need
"It can’t just be young people. It needs to be all of us."
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 If we truly want to stop the Amazon from burning we must immediately focus on building internationalist solidarity, through new and existing institutions, with indigenous movements in Brazil, the Amazon basin and across the global south.(Photo: Catedral Verde - Floresta Amazonica/Wikimedia) Views
Amazonian Communities Need Solidarity, Not Saviours
The Amazon is not ours to save with prayers and clicktivism; it is their homeland to defend (with our solidarity) against the global corporations and free trade deals which would open up the Amazon to more risk.
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When Greta told the UN that “real power belongs to the people”, she couldn’t have known the extent to which that sentiment would define the next year of climate activism. (Photo: Antonio Masiello/Getty Images) Views
The Rise and Rise of the Global Climate Movement
Climate activism isn’t new, but the last year has seen a resurgence in attention devoted to the subject.
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