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Zachary Norris is executive director at Ella Baker Center and co-founder of Restore Oakland. (Photo: Brooke Anderson) Views
What to Build Instead of Prisons
In Oakland, social justice groups are fighting the prison industrial complex through renovated space dedicated to restorative justice and community building.
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'Good News!': With Unanimous Vote, Oakland Joins Growing List of Cities to Ban Facial Recognition Technology
The move comes as the Berkeley City Council considers a similar policy
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Education Privatizers Have Gone Global. So Must We If We Want to Stop Them
The fight for public education reminds us that working-class struggles around the world are linked—and that international solidarity is the key to victory
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Oakland Education Association President, Keith Brown, leads a march today of striking teachers through downtown Oakland. “We ask the School Board Superintendent: Which side are you on?” said Brown, as he rallied a crowd of thousands of striking teachers, parents, and students. (Photo:Inthesetimes) Views
"Out Here Because I Love Teaching”: The Oakland Teachers Strike, In Photos
On day one of the strike, teachers, students and community members speak from the picket line
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Oakland teachers make their way into Taylor Memorial Methodist Church in Oakland on Monday to discuss the possibility of a strike Thursday, Feb. 21. The vote was to strike. (Photo: Jessica Christian / The Chronicle) Views
Why Oakland Teachers Are Going to Strike
We’ll be on the picket line this week because we think the people of Oakland know more about what’s good for our schools and community than affluent outsiders
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Demonstrators hold signs during a march in Melbourne, Australia. (Photo: Takver/flickr/cc) News
Tackling 'Urgency and Scale" of Crisis, Oakland, Calif. Declares Climate Emergency
City council passed resolution Tuesday endorsing declaration of a climate emergency and calling for just transition
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California Cities Wanted Big Oil to Pay Up for Climate Damage But Federal Judge Just Said 'No'
"By kicking the case to a do-nothing Congress and a climate denying White House, the court essentially ruled that taxpayers alone should pay the massive costs of adapting to climate change."
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'Climate Tutorials' Pit Planet Wreckers Against Major Cities in Historic Court Hearing
"There's really no way for oil companies to come out of this thing looking good."
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'I Didn't Feel Like Fabricating the Truth': ICE Spokesperson Quits Over Agency Falsehoods
"Our democracy depends on public servants who act with integrity and hold transparency in the highest regard," said Oakland Mayor Libby Schaaf
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Floods in Bay Area News
Federal Judge's Unprecedented Order on Climate Science 'Could Open Floodgates' for Big Oil Lawsuits
"The court is forcing these companies to go on the record about their understanding of climate science, which they have desperately tried to avoid doing."
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