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The only way to preserve the current social and economic order is by force. And when people have had enough, they meet force with resistance and resilience. (Photo: by Martin Bernetti/AFP via Getty Images) Views
Governments Beware: People Are Rising Up All Over the World
Free-market capitalism has proved time and again to be a failure. The promised riches are distributed far too unequally, and for most they never transpire.
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President Abdel Fattah el-Sisi of Egypt, King Salman of Saudi Arabia, and Melania Trump and President Trump during the opening of an "anti-extremist" center in Riyadh, Saudi Arabia, in 2017. (Photo: Saudi Press Agency) Views
Looming Impeachment Puts Trump in Company of Corrupt Mideast Leaders
Only because the masses turned against their guy did military elites step in to insist they step down. Think about that.
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Popular Protest: Just How Effective Is It?
The uprisings are many, but are they enough?
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'Children of the Financial Crash'—Demanding Bold Alternative—Credited for Global Uprising Against Neoliberalism and Austerity
"The whole political elite needs to change because the current system has done nothing for us," one demonstrator against government corruption and high unemployement in Iraq said recently.
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A Lebanese protester waves a national flag as he marches with others during a demonstration along the Fuad Chehab avenue in the capital Beirut on October 29, 2019 on the 13th day of anti-government protests. News
Mass Uprising Against Austerity and Corruption Forces Lebanon Prime Minister and Cabinet to Resign
"This is in response to the will and demand of the thousands of Lebanese demanding change," Saad Hariri said in a televised address.
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A Chilean protest movement has exploded and forced change in the country's neoliberal government, but for some reason U.S. media isn't paying attention. Views
The Revolution Isn't Being Televised
The media is uninterested in protest movements around the world.
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Lebanese demonstrators dance to music by DJs as the protest movement takes over the country. News
'The Revolution Is Lit': Jubilant Lebanon Uprising Fueled By Music, Dancing, and... 'Baby Shark'
"Only in Lebanon would a song like 'Baby Shark,' which is now being played at every crowd gathering, become the anthem of a revolution."
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Netanyahu leads the most militarily powerful state in the Middle East, but is dedicated to further settler colonialism in the Palestinian West Bank, and needs the bogey man of Iran to wag the dog of international diplomacy in favor of Israel. (Photo: Ronen Zvulun/Reuters) Views
The Saudi Axis and Israel’s Drone War on the Shiite Crescent
The new drone war is largely symbolic.
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Harvard's Widener Library, pictured  in 2007. A Palestinian student with a full scholarship to the storied university had his visa canceled Friday for friends' social media posts deemed critical of the U.S. News
'Lawless' and 'Despicable': Harvard Freshman Deported After Immigration Agents Search Social Media and Find Friends Critical of US Policy
"This is a move so perverse, so grotesque as to defy explanation."
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Israel over the weekend launched drone attacks against three of its neighbors, adding to tensions in the region. News
Israeli Bombings Considered a 'Declaration of War,' Says Iraqi Political Bloc
Journalist Rania Khalek said it was "difficult to believe Israel would strike Iraq without a green light from the U.S."
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