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The future is up for grabs. Let’s not let the kingpins be the only ones reaching for it. (Photo: Screenshot) Views
The Future Is Up for Grabs
History is made, not decreed, which is why on May 11th, activists from dozens of different countries launched Progressive International, a global initiative with a mission to unite, organize and mobilize progressive forces.
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Last Friday, as four million young people marched in the world’s capitals for action on climate, countless more were on the picket line supporting autoworkers who are out on strike. (Photo: Ron Jenkins/Getty Images) Views
Climate Strike/Auto Strike: Same Struggle, Same Fight
We want a future, a future we can live in, in a society that values people and planet, now and coming up.
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Lesbians and self-described dykes have, for many years, marched on the day before the big parade. The Dyke March is always a raucous, disobedient alternative to the staid and commercial official Pride Parade.  (Photo: Scott Barbour/Getty Images) Views
Love and Rights: Contingent or Unconditional?
Are rights things to be granted by the powerful to the deserving few, contingent on their obedience, someone’s convenience and adherence to the prevailing rules and conventions?
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 'Barcelona en Comu' (Barcelona in Common) leader Ada Colau waves to wellwishers after her party won the municipal elections on May 24, 2015 in Barcelona, Spain. (Photo: David Ramos/Getty Images) Views
In Barcelona, Being a Fearless City Mayor Means Letting the People Decide
For close to a decade now, Barcelona has become a beacon of possibility for transformative change at the city level
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"I suppose you and I think the rich are going to sit quiet and—what’s the phrase—accept the verdict of the people? Like hell they are."(Photo: Sean Gallup/Getty Images) Views
Reporter in Spain
"In the twentieth century, it was monarchy that was crashing. Today, it’s the rule of capital."
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There’s no shortage of evidence that the Trump administration colludes with enemies of democracy of every sort. (Photo: Mike Licht/Flickr/cc) Views
Collusion in Plain Sight
It wouldn’t take a twenty-two month inquiry to find Trump conspiring with enemies of US democracy, if only the US media spent a fraction of the time they’ve spent covering Russia-gate looking at Trump’s relationship with killer corporations and hate groups
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 This hasn’t gotten more granular than asking candidates if they call themselves Democratic Socialists. We're going to have to do better than that. (Photo: Molly Adams/Flickr/cc) Views
Time For Socialist History Month?
We need to take a long, hard look at the ideology that underpins what we call capitalism
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Anthony Flaccavento (Photo: Courtesy of Flaccavento for Congress) Views
A Progressive Organic Farmer's Fighting Chance in Virginia
Having more real, rural progressives in Congress could fundamentally take the country back, but not if Democrats don’t start taking a chance on real change-makers like Flaccavento
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Forget Big vs. Small Government. For the Rightwing, It's Only About Power
Conservatives need to figure out where they stand on local power. Their views present a paradox, suggested The New York Times recently. Causing the confusion are so-called pre-emption laws passed by states to stop local governments from enacting their own policies. Eight states have passed laws...
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What Does It Take to Start a Worker Co-Op? A Practical Video Guide to Democratizing Our Economy
A new film asks whether practicing workplace democracy would be easier if our media gave us as many visions of collaboration as they do of competition?
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