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A billboard calls out Sens. Mitch McConnell and Rand Paul, both Republicans from Kentucky, for blocking $16 billion in food aid Americans, including nearly $133 for Kentuckians. News
'Hunger Clock' Billboards Blast McConnell and GOP Senators for Blocking $16 Billion in Food Aid
"Let's be clear: this delay in food aid may lead to even more Americans unnecessarily dying."
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Vote here sign News
Rights Groups Work to Stop 'Unnecessary and Potentially Disenfranchising Purges' of Voter Rolls in Pennsylvania
"We want to ensure eligible voters and election integrity are protected."
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President Donald Trump speaks during the daily briefing of the White House Coronavirus Task Force on April 13, 2020. News
Critics Debunk Trump's Wild Assertion He Has 'Total' Authority on Reopening Economy
"Fact check: That is definitely not true."
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There is plenty of opportunity, and necessity, to incorporate underrepresented groups  into the decision-making process. (Photo: Friends of the Earth International) Views
Climate Action Planning in a Federal Leadership Vacuum
In order for the United States to deal with the climate crisis, we must empower disproportionately affected communities, particularly communities of color, by including their voices in the government and development process.
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Sen. Bernie Sanders (I-Vt.) and Rep. Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez (D-N.Y.) News
Over 570 Groups Endorse Sanders and Ocasio-Cortez's Fracking Ban Act as 'Essential and Urgent Climate Action'
"The path to a Green New Deal starts with bold action to restrict the supply of fossil fuels, and that is precisely why a ban on fracking is an absolute necessity."
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A series of local elections in Pennsylvania have shown that voters are not shunning candidates who campaign against fracking wells and fossil fuel pipelines; they are putting them in office. (Photo: Food & Water Watch/Facebook) Views
Banning Fracking: Politically Smart and a Climate Necessity
A call to ban fracking is bound to energize climate activists and progressive voters, who see it as the kind of bold action necessary to confront the climate crisis.
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'Nakedly Authoritarian': Trump Taunts Security Guard for Not Being Rough With Woman Protester
"One of his ugliest and most troubling performances in recent memory," one observer said of Trump's rally in Pennsylvania.
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The message of the global movement to ban fracking and get off fossil fuels envisions a different future, one that starts with cutting off pollution at the source. (Photo: ribarnica/flickr/cc) Views
Trump Seeks to Frack the 2020 Election
While Donald Trump will run as the champion of a disastrous addiction to fossil fuels and fracking, Democrats should proudly champion a different vision.
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Fighting for Healthcare in America's Forgotten Towns
"Life expectancy in my Western Pennsylvania town is on its way down. But there’s hope—if we fight harmful myths about poverty."
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According to the court, non-theistic people are not capable of meeting the goals of legislative prayer – only believers in the divine can do that. (Photo: A member of the Pennsylvania House of Representative recites an opening prayer) Views
Federal Appeals Court Green Lights Discrimination Against Non-Theists
It's yet another in a problematic line of recent decisions that allow government entities to endorse and promote religion (just about always Christianity) as long as it’s being done for "historic" purposes.
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