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Niki Ashton Views
After Weekend With Bernie, Niki Ashton Talks Progressive International: 'Our Movement Is a Global Movement. It Must Be.'
No longer can progressives afford to work only in silos
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Friends of the Earth campaigner Verner Wilson III Views
I Went Dungeness Crabbing in Washington. Here's Why I'm Concerned About Increased Shipping From Trans Mountain Pipeline
Risking our abundant natural resources to fossil fuel shipping is reckless to coastal economies
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stop the pipeline News
In Another Blow to Keystone XL, Judge Rules TransCanada Can't Conduct Pre-Construction Work
Indigenous and environmental groups as well as locals landowners celebrated the court victory, denouncing the proposed tar sands pipeline as "reckless and risky."
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These real crises stand in stark contrast to the invented ones. They are actually happening, transforming our physical world, costing lives and treasure. Whereas the crises that capture headlines day after day — looking at you, oil price differential! — turn out to be wildly exaggerated for cynical political ends. (Photo: Views
The November Crisis
We are living in a state of planetary emergency
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Canadians Call on Pension Fund to Stop Investing in US Private Prison Firms Profiting From 'Brutal Human Rights Abuses' of Trump
"If you've ever worked in Canada, you've paid contributions to the CPP fund. We can't let our CPP contributions flow to corporations that are profiting from Trump's cruel immigration policies."
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The North American leaders sign the new trade deal dubbed NAFTA 2.0 News
NAFTA 2.0 Signed: A Deal for 'The Corporate One Percent'
The new deal, says Rep. Jan Schakowsky (D-Ill.), does "not do nearly enough to raise wages for workers, lower costs for healthcare consumers, or protect the environment."
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More Oil Moving by Rail Now Than at Time of Mégantic Disaster
How is it that a preventable tragedy of this magnitude has passed into media and political oblivion—even though the circumstances that led to the crash remain essentially unchanged?
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children News
Thanks to Trump, Last Year There Was a Sixfold Increase in Americans Seeking Asylum in Canada
The Trump administration's immigration policies sent a flood of foreign nationals—and their American-born children—north
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Saying Approval by Trump Ignored Obvious Facts and Threats, Federal Judge Halts Construction of Keystone XL Pipeline
Native tribes and environmentalists celebrated the ruling as "a decisive moment in our fight against the corporate polluters who have rushed to destroy our planet"
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"Flowers calls glaciers “fantastic barometers of climate change.”(Photo: Richard Droker) Views
Scientists Warn That Canadian Glacial Melting Is “Outside the Scope of Normal”
"I think Arctic science should be a priority. I think understanding our terrestrial and marine ice should be a national priority.”
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