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Sign reads: A better world is possible. Views
In the Face of Right-Wing Strongmen and an Economy Rife With Insecurity, We Must Reject the Politics of Despair
Maude Barlow delivers keynote speech to Tommy Douglas Institute
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The War on Women Is Still On
In Trumpistan, legislative attempts to ban abortion are a blatant sign that women are under attack. In Canada, the war on women is escalating, but slowly and stealthily.
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Youth in Ottawa take part in the Friday Climate Strike on May 3, 2019. Views
Time to Follow the Green New Leaders
Young people are rapidly changing the political calculus on climate in this country — even though many of the leaders are too young to vote
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The Arctic is melting rapidly. Ice and glaciers are at record low levels in the North Pole. News
Pompeo Cheers 'Opportunity' in Arctic From Climate Change as America Blocks Resolution Language
"The latest data shows that after a month of record temperatures in the Bering Sea, ocean ice in the Arctic is at an all-time record low for the date, crushing the record set … last April."
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Secretary of State Mike Pompeo delivers remarks Monday at the Arctic Council meeting in Finland. News
Pompeo, in Finland, Calls China Claims to Arctic 'Lawlessness'
Pompeo likened the situation to the South China Sea: "fraught with militarization and competing territorial claims."
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TransCanada Can Change Its Name, Say Opponents, But Keystone XL Will Never See 'The Light of Day'
"They can change their name, but they can't hide from the power of our movement that has successfully blocked Keystone XL for a decade."
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The Last Battle of the Cree Nation
The Canadian tar sands, perhaps the largest such project in the world, is rapidly accelerating the release of the carbon emissions that will, if left unchecked, soon render the planet uninhabitable for humans
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Powershift: Young and Rising News
As Youth-Led Campaign Kicks Off, Poll Shows Majority of Canadians Want a Green New Deal, Too
"Canada needs a Green New Deal to fight the climate crisis at the scale that science and justice demand."
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With the current push to enact the Administrations USMCA (NAFTA 2.0) industry front groups are again passing themselves off as grassroots organizations pushing the best interests of farmers, working people and the environment. Don’t be fooled. (Photo: PeoplesWorld/cc/flickr) Views
Don’t Fall for the Hype of Free Trade Agreements
NAFTA 2.0 is not about feeding people or doing right by American farmers or Canadian farmers or Mexican farmers—it is about furthering corporate profit.
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Bloor Collegiate Institute students protest the proposed cuts to education Views
Canadian Youth Fight Back Against Governments That Limit Their Choices
These young people are a tidal wave intent on shaping the direction of our country. They are watching, they are activating and organizing, and they are taking notes for how they will do politics differently
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