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No Keystone XL News
Snubbing Law and Climate, Trump Issues New Permit for Keystone XL
Trump "can huff and puff all he wants: this pipeline isn't getting built"
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  U.S. Department of Agriculture (USDA) Food Safety Inspection Service (FSIS) inspector examines a shipment imported frozen meat at the Port of New Orleans Views
Agribusiness's Secretive Plans to Unravel Food Safety and Worker Protections
Little-known council linked to NAFTA subverts public safety to free trade
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The Tiny House Warriors are building houses along the Trans Mountain pipeline route in Secwepemc territory to block construction and show the housing solutions they want to see in their nation. Views
The Fight to #StopTMX Continues as Feds Approve Their Own Pipeline
A wall of opposition is mobilized already
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'Shame on Trudeau': Anger Stirred as Canada's Energy Board Approves Trans Mountain Pipeline
"We have a duty to protect what we've all been blessed with in British Columbia in regard to the pristine beauty of the environment," said one First Nations leader. "We will rise to the challenge."
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the Woolsey Fire News
Global Poll Reveals Surging Fear of Climate Crisis and US Power Under Trump
Over the past five years, from the U.S. to Poland to Kenya, the number of people worried about the climate crisis has risen by double-digits
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Aerial view of rail bridge taken down by a mudslide after the collapse of a dam at an iron-ore mine belonging to Brazil’s giant mining company Vale near the town of Brumadinho, state of Minas Gerias, southeastern Brazil (Photo: BNN) Views
Disaster Capitalism in Brazil: Mining Greed Produces a Horrific Death Toll
A mining disaster in the Brazilian town of Brumadinho
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In 'Victory for Land and Water,' Canada's Supreme Court Rules Bankrupt Fossil Fuel Companies Must Clean Up Pollution Left Behind
"Bankruptcy is not a license to ignore rules," said the nation's highest court
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Line 3 critics News
Documents Show Police Using Private Security Firms to Target Anti-Pipeline Organizers Fighting Line 3 Project
"I don't understand why I'm being looked at as a criminal when a corporation is proposing to destroy my water," says Winona LaDuke. "I am not a criminal, I am a water protector."
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'The closure of General Motors’ Oshawa plant should serve as a game-changer." (Photo: Screenshot) Views
Trudeau Should Consider Buying GM and Making Electric Cars
The global auto industry is in flux, with the world expected to transition to the electric car over the next few decades
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march News
'If the Water Is Rising, Then So Must We': Indigenous Peoples March in Washington Against Global Injustice
"It's a collective cry for help because we're in a time of crisis," said one organizer. "Indigenous people from around the world are suffering from the same colonization."
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