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Submerged graffiti reads: I don't believe in global warming. Views
Deniers Deflated as Climate Reality Hits Home
It’s getting harder for anyone to deny the reality staring us in the face.
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'People are Dying': Bernie Sanders Heads to Canada With an Insulin Caravan
"We are going to end pharma’s greed."
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Hundreds of millions of animals trapped in horrendous conditions inside the secretive world of factory farming. Views
Animals Protected from Sexual Abuse, But Not Factory Farm Abuse
In a real head-scratcher, the Supreme Court of Canada ruled in June 2016 that sexual contact with an animal was legal, as long as there was no penetration. Whatever uncertainty that created for Canadians is now gone. The Trudeau government’s new animal welfare legislation, passed by Parliament last...
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Several wildfires between about 57°N and 70°N News
Satellite Images Ignite Alarm Over 'Unprecedented' Scale and Planet-Heating Emissions of Raging Arctic Wildfires
Carbon dioxide emitted by Arctic fires in June and July, according to one expert, "is getting close to 2017 fossil fuel CO2 emissions of Belgium."
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U.S. government policies are causing deaths and hardship, and make no mistake, it only takes a brief examination of history to understand that a wall and criminalization are not deterrents for people with no options. (Photo: Jeff J. Mitchell/Getty) Views
Imperialist Made Crisis of Migrants and Refugees
For the last 18 years, since the new era of war and occupation began, there has been no end to the war, violence, and economic devastation imposed on people around the world by imperialist governments like the U.S., Canada, and the countries of the European Union
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eye News
'Good News!': With Unanimous Vote, Oakland Joins Growing List of Cities to Ban Facial Recognition Technology
The move comes as the Berkeley City Council considers a similar policy
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In March 2010, a rally by thousands of striking USW ... the world. (Photo: United Steelworkers) Views
Is There a Global Future for Unions?
For labor to secure gains, in the United States or Canada or anywhere, workers must mobilize. We have to bring everyone together, women, men, poor people, people of color, gay people—all working people
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Because 'Americans Need Relief Now' From 'Insane' Drug Costs, Sanders to Join Diabetics on Trip to Canada for Affordable Insulin
"When we win," said the 2020 Democratic candidate, "we won't wait for drug companies to end their greed. We will end it for them."
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Climate campaigners Views
Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau's Climate Package Is a Dangerous Fraud
His promise to direct pipeline profits to clean energy is like allowing cigarettes to be sold to kids as long as tobacco companies make generous donations to cancer research
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The Ferry Building is seen as crowds march up Market Street during the "Rise For Climate" global action on September 8, 2018 in downtown San Francisco, California. - "Rise For Climate" is a global day of action demanding real climate solutions from local leaders. (Photo by Amy Osborne / AFP) Views
Yes, We Can Resolve the Climate Crisis
We’re at a pivotal point.
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