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U.S. Apache attack helicopters are one of the main weapons headed to the Philippines if the sale is not stopped. (Photo: DoD/Public domain) News
Citing Dual Threat of Covid-19 and Duterte, Coalition Calls on Congress to Block US Arms Sale to Philippines
"The U.S. should not be selling advanced military systems to an abusive, unaccountable Philippine military under cover of a global pandemic."
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A U.S. soldier fires an anti-tank rocket during a live-fire exercise in Zabul province, Afghanistan, in July 2010. (Photo: U.S. Army/flickr/cc) Views
US Public Remain the Tacit Accomplice in America's Dead End Wars
Honor the fallen, but not every war they were sent to fight
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A street under quarantine in Iriga City, Philippines (Photo: Shutterstock) Views
Stop the $2 Billion Arms Sale to the Philippines
Philippine strongman Rodrigo Duterte is using the pandemic to crush his opposition—and the U.S. is poised to arm him to the teeth.
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Residents carrying their belongings and wearing face masks arrive at a school compound serving as temporary shelter in Sorsogon town, Bicol region, south of Manila on May 14, 2020, as Typhoon Vongfong approaches. News
'Trapped in a Nightmare Situation': Philippines Typhoon Offers Glimpse of Climate Disaster Amid Pandemic
"A global pandemic does not mean the climate crisis has stopped," says "If anything, it has only exacerbated the problem."
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Residents walk past a house damaged during Typhoon Phanfone in Tacloban, Leyte province in the central Philippines on December 25, 2019. - Typhoon Phanfone pummelled the central Philippines on Christmas Day, bringing a wet and miserable holiday season to millions in the mainly Catholic nation. (Photo: Bobbie Alota/AFP via Getty Images) News
Typhoon Devastates Philippines With at Least 20 Dead on Christmas Day
Flooded villages and widespread power outages after powerful storm hits island nation on holiday.
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A U.S. Army poster shows a romanticized view of the four-day battle of Bagsak Mountain on Jolo Island in the Philippines, June 11-15, 1913. (Photo: Wikipedia) Views
Remembering America’s First (and Longest) Forgotten War on Tribal Islamists
The Moro War: It was "progress" all the way then, too.
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 Sarah Prestoza and Brenda Roberts (4th and 5th individuals in the picture from Left to Right) on a CWA delegation trip to the Philippines. (Photo: Courtesy of CWA) Views
Why U.S. and Filipino Call Center Workers Are Working Together
The only winners in this global race-to-the-bottom are corporate executives and wealthy investors.
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Congress: Stop Funding Duterte
U.S. military aid to the Philippines doesn’t defend the country from invaders. It’s turned inward, against the poor, journalists, and human rights defenders
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Protestors demonstrate against drug war killings outside the Philippine consulate in New York. (Photo: Wikimedia Commons) Views
It’s Time to End U.S. Military Aid to the Philippines
U.S. taxpayer funds are bankrolling the worsening human rights crisis in the Philippines. Movements are rising to shut that aid off.
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Maria Ressa News
Global Condemnation After Journalist Who Blamed Trump for Duterte's Attacks on Free Press Arrested in Philippines
Rappler 's Maria Ressa denounced Trump as "a president so much like ours whose attacks against the press (and women) give permission to autocrats (like ours) to unleash the dark side of humanity and extend their already vast powers with impunity, especially in countries where institutions have...
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