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Despite running for president and energizing the nation just a decade ago as a center-left candidate with a message of hope and change, Obama seems to think America does not need systemic change, and Democrats should not rock the boat or make any sudden moves. (Photo by Hannes Magerstaedt/Getty Images) Views
Why Obama Is Just Plain Wrong About Democrats Moving 'Too Far Left'
The former president is mistaken if he believes that in appealing to the electorate, Democrats must tamp down their message and advocate for tweaks in the system rather than systemic reform.
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WATCH: Viral Animated Video Shows How Just a Fraction of Bill Gates's $110 Billion Could Pay to Replace Flint's Water Pipes
"You'd have to save more than a $100,000 per year for a MILLION years to get there. So where's that wealth tax?"
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Their enormous wealth offers them an outlandishly oversized role in our democracy. It’s poisoning both our politics and our media. (Photo: Shutterstock) Views
Time for a Billionaire Ban
The wealthiest Americans dominate our airwaves. Let’s hear from someone else for a change.
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Bill Gates, billionaire, speaks onstage at 2019 New York Times Dealbook on November 06, 2019 in New York City. News
Taxing Bill Gates $100 Billion, Counters Bernie Sanders, Could End Homelessness and Microsoft Founder 'Would Still Be a Multibillionaire'
The message, said the 2020 candidate, is that "the billionaire class cannot have it all when so many have so little."
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Ten years into AGRA, Global Hunger Index scores remained in the "serious" or "alarming" categories for 12 of the 13 AGRA countries. (Photo: Global Justice Now/cc/flickr) Views
The Battle for the Future of Food in Africa
Certain policies, strongly promoted by the Gates Foundation, open Africa to the multinational seed companies in the name of modernization, but they undermine climate resilience and food security for Africa’s small-scale farmers.
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Indian Prime Minister Narendra Modi attends a conference in Russia in 2017. News
Gates Foundation Award for Indian PM and 'Despot-in-the-Making' Narendra Modi Draws Anger From Rights Advocates
"Are Trump and Bolsonaro next?"
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A man salvages debris News
Urgently Investing $1.8 Trillion to #AdaptOurWorld and Avert 'Climate Apartheid' Could Yield $7.1 Trillion in Benefits, Analysis Shows
"Without bold adaptation action, climate change becomes a life sentence to poverty and suffering for already vulnerable and marginalized people."
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You want to decode Bill’s brain? Look at his family’s wealth. Look at his upbringing. Look at his medical records. (Credit: flickr / cc / world economic forum) Views
Inside Bill Gates’ Hubris: Propaganda to Make America Neoliberal Again
New Gates documentary is a cry for oligarchy in an age of idiocracy; a love letter to neoliberalism in a time of neofascism.
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Bernie Sanders Is Right: 3 Billionaires Really Do Have More Wealth Than Half of America
And in addition to the 3 billionaires Bernie mentioned, we should also be worried about the expanding fortunes of multi-generational wealth dynasties
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A recent global poll from the International Trade Union Confederation found that an overwhelming 84 percent of all respondents judged their national minimum wage to be insufficient for a decent life. (Photo: SEIU) Views
The Time Has Come for a Global Minimum Wage
As the International Labour Organization celebrates its 100th anniversary, it should embrace the chance to stop the global race to the bottom
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