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Activists who stayed mostly in their cars for social distancing, lined Summit Ave, honking horns outside the Governor's Residence in St Paul last month as they called for the release of high risk prisoners and ICE detainees from MN facilities to lower the chances of infection. (Photo: Glen Stubbe/Star Tribune via Getty Images) News
'Cruel, Reckless, and Deadly': Amnesty Warns of Looming Covid-19 Disaster for Detained Immigrants and Refugees in US
"We are adrift, about to sink, because if there is one person to be infected, in our unit we would all perish."
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germs and code News
Big Brother in the Age of Coronavirus: 100+ Groups Warn Against Exploiting Pandemic to Permanently Expand Surveillance State
"These are extraordinary times, but human rights law still applies."
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Amnesty Slams Trump for Classifying Gun Stores as 'Essential Businesses' During Pandemic
"With hospitals at critically low capacity due to the pandemic, we cannot afford more injuries or deaths from gun violence."
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U.S. Secretary of State Mike Pompeo leaves a press conference at the State Department in Washington D.C, on March 17, 2020. News
Bashing Probe of US War Crimes, Pompeo Threatens Family of ICC Staff With Consequences
"If there remained any doubt that the Trump administration's hostility towards the court is fundamentally punitive and callous in nature, these doubts have now been dispelled."
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Greek riot police detained a migrant during clashes News
'Inhumane' and 'Reckless': Amnesty International Condemns Greece's Measures to Block Migrants at Turkish Border
"People seeking asylum are once again being used as bargaining chips in a callous political game."
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'Horrific': Human Rights Advocates Call for Investigation Into Death of Second Monarch Butterfly Defender in Mexico
Raúl Hernández Romero's family says he received threats regarding his work campaigning against illegal logging in the weeks before he disappeared.
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President Donald Trump expanded his Muslim ban to a further six countries Friday. News
Critics Charge Trump Expansion of Muslim Ban Continuation of 'Cruel, Inhumane, Bigoted' Policies
"This is an outright attempt to discriminate against people on religious, racial, and ethnic grounds and to dismantle the refugee resettlement program."
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'Stop This Sale': 11 NGO Leaders at Davos Warn Against Pending Private Equity Takeover of .Org Domain
"The security of civil society should not be entrusted to private equity."
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Woman and child in flood in Indonesia. (Photo: World Meteorological Organisation, Flickr/Climate Visuals) Views
Climate Refugee Ruling Sets 'Global Precedent'
'Governments must consider a heating planet’s imminent threat to Pacific peoples’ lives.'
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'Critical Moment' as Two Key Architects of CIA Torture Program Testify Under Oath in Guantanamo Bay
"Torture is never justified and anyone who uses it must be held to account."
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