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Gray wolves were delisted from the Endangered Species Act on January 4, 2021. (Photo: Chad Horwedel/Flickr/cc) News
Despite 'Meager Numbers,' Trump Administration Removes Gray Wolves From Endangered Species List
"The delisting of gray wolves is the latest causality of the Trump administration's willful ignorance of the biodiversity crisis and scientific facts."
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A Niwot High School student urges local officials to ban fracking at a site near the campus in Niwot, Colorado. (Photo: YouTube screen grab) News
'Protect Us': Colorado High School Students Post Video Pleading With Local Authorities to Ban Fracking
"We shouldn't be afraid for our health when we step outside our own houses," says one of the students in the video.
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A participant holding a sign at a march celebrating the defeat of President Donald Trump in Manhattan on November 7, 2020. News
'Far Past Time' to Abolish the Electoral College, Progressives Say as Colorado Approves National Popular Vote Compact
"Our nation spent a stressful four days wondering who our next president would be, despite the clear fact that Joe Biden won the popular vote by millions."
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"Whether or not the emails described are helpful to the reader or the candidate, one thing on which we can all agree is that the day when our emails come solely from friends, family, and even advertisers, will be a welcome day indeed." (Photo: <a href="">Rachel Johnson</a>/flickr/cc)</p> Views
The Email and the Election
A few examples from two senders follow but their emails are nothing more than representative of the dozens that arrive each day during the election season.
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U.S. Immigration and Customs Enforcement (ICE) officers arrest an undocumented Mexican immigrant during a raid in the Bushwick neighborhood of Brooklyn on April 11, 2018 in New York City. (Photo: John Moore/Getty Images) News
Trump Plan for Pre-Election ICE Raids Condemned as Xenophobic and Cruel 'Publicity Stunt'
"President Donald Trump, in need of another dose of fear to keep his sputtering reelection bid afloat, is now, officially, throwing the kitchen sink of chauvinism at American voters."
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Colorado US Postal Service News
Warning 'Patently False' Information 'Will Sow Confusion,' Federal Judge Blocks Postal Service From Sending Mailers to Colorado Voters
"The USPS must stop sending misinformation to Colorado voters," said Colorado Secretary of State Jena Griswold.
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Condemning 'Attempt at Voter Suppression,' Colorado Sues DeJoy Over Misleading Postal Service Mailers
"The importance of this election, combined with the fact it is being held amidst a national pandemic, further heightens the need to provide correct voting information to Coloradans."
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A mother and baby grizzly bear spotted in Yellowstone National Park. News
In Blow to Trump and Win for Bears, Federal Appeals Court Upholds Endangered Species Protections for Yellowstone Grizzlies
"This decision solidifies the belief of numerous wildlife advocates and native tribes that protecting grizzly bears should be based upon science and the law and not the whims of special interest groups."
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In Latest Blow to Fossil Fuel Industry, Appeals Court Sends Colorado Municipalities' Climate Case Back to State Court
"It's been a tough week for the oil industry."
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U.S. Senate candidates Andrew Romanoff of Colorado and Charles Booker of Kentucky were defeated in Democratic primary races in June. News
Sunrise Movement Says Wins by Corporate Democrats Like McGrath and Hickenlooper Must Be 'Moment of Reckoning' for Progressives
"These were not races that progressives could afford to sit out, but too many organizations did."
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