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When an [intelligence service] uses dirty tricks, provides billions of dollars in weapons to renegade militias and Islamic radicals, overthrows governments and assassinates leaders, leaving in its wake mayhem and disasters it did not foresee, it has failed. (Photo: Mr. Fish) Views
Our Invisible Government
The most powerful and important organs in the invisible government are the nation’s bloated and unaccountable intelligence agencies.
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Capitalists go to absurd lengths to lie about capitalism’s true nature. (Photo: Mr. Fish / Truthdig) Views
The Capitalists Are Afraid
They know the reigning ideology of neoliberalism no longer has any credibility. Its lies have been exposed. They also know they are to blame.
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The Messiahs of Hope Assure Us Everything Will Be OK in the End. But It Won't
Justice cannot be fought for in the abstract. It must be grounded in a concrete confrontation with power
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The rupture of social bonds, caused by the breakdown of society, income inequality, social stagnation and the disempowerment of the working class, is expressed in innumerable dark pathologies.(Photo: Mr.Fish) Views
The Curse of Moral Purity
Liberal elites have jettisoned genuine political life and retreated into self-defeating moral crusades in a vain and futile attempt to deflect attention away from the looming social, political, economic and environmental catastrophes.
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The Gettysburg park implicitly celebrates nationalism and elevates the warrior caste. (Photo: Mr. Fish/Truthdig) Views
War, Memory and Gettysburg
Time has long since erased these gruesome sights and smells from the battlefield national park, along with the disorienting confusion, fear and deafening noise of combat
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The publication of classified documents is not a crime in the United States, but if Assange is extradited and convicted it will become one. (Photo: Mr.Fish/Truthdig) Views
The Coming Show Trial of Julian Assange
This is the gravest assault on press freedom in my lifetime
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The cult leader constantly paints a picture of an existential threat, often invented, that puts the cult followers in danger. (Photo: Mr. Fish / Truthdig) Views
The Cult of Trump
Only when we recognize Trump as a cult leader, and many of those who support him as cult followers, will we understand where we are headed and how we must resist
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Now is the time for a serious, new arms control agreement. (Photo: Presidential Administration of Russia) Views
Manufacturing War With Russia
We are in a new and more perilous point in a 50-year nuclear arms race
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The Mass Media Is Poisoning Us With Hate
The shaping of the public into antagonistic tribes works commercially. It works politically. But it is a recipe for social disintegration.
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If we, the people, are serious about stopping Trump, we’ll take to the streets en masse to engage in substantial and unrelenting civil disobedience. (Photo: Fabrizio Spano / Flickr) Views
The Only Solution to America's Political Crisis
If we’re serious about popular sovereignty, we’ll stick around to "dismantle the corporate state" that birthed both Trump and the inauthentic opposition party
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