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Attorney Eugene Scalia News
Trump Provokes Outrage With Plan to Nominate Ex-Walmart Attorney Eugene Scalia as Next Labor Secretary
"The Labor Dept should be a champion for workers, not corporations that pay minimum wages."
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When corporations get special handouts from the government, it costs the rest of us.(Photo: Screenshot) Views
How Corporate Welfare Hurts You
The next time you hear conservatives railing against welfare handouts for the poor, remind them that we should really be cutting corporate welfare
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 Rather than letting private equity vultures enrich themselves on the backs of employees who’d been with the store for decades, workers fought back, taking creative actions across the country and pushing legislators and pension funds to get on board—and eventually won a $20 million severance fund. (Photo: Liao Pan/China News Service/VCG via Getty Images) Views
Retail Workers Nationwide Are United for Respect
Workers around the country are fighting back, taking creative actions and pushing legislators and pension funds to act
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'Pay Your Workers a Living Wage': Sanders Blasts Walmart Executives to Their Faces at Annual Shareholder Meeting
To reduce the "grotesque level of income and wealth inequality" at Walmart, the Vermont senator urged the retailer to raise its minimum wage to at least $15 an hour
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Cynthia Murray News
Sanders Hands Over His Social Media Accounts to Walmart Workers Ahead of Attending Annual Meeting to Advocate for Employees
"It's time for workers like me to have a voice at Walmart's executive table," said a 14-year employee of the retail giant
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Sen. Bernie Sanders (I-Vt.) News
'Sick and Tired of Being Paid Poverty Wages,' Walmart Workers Invite Bernie Sanders to Press Their Case at Shareholder Meeting
"If hourly workers at Walmart were well represented on its board, I doubt you would see the CEO of Walmart making over a thousand times more than its average worker."
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Coming to a Walmart store soon... News
See How Well the GOP Tax Scam Is Creating Jobs? Walmart Announces Plans for 360 Robot Janitors
The company still faces calls to raise its minimum hourly pay, but machines don't ask for a living wage
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America's Wealthiest Family Owns Walmart. They Can Afford to Pay Workers $15 an Hour.
When you're shopping today, remember Walmart's owners have billions, while workers can barely afford to live, often forced to use government subsidies. We can do better.
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 Walmart also has a reputation for wage theft. Its the leading wage theft employer in the United States, with more than $1.4 billion paid in wage theft fines and settlements since 2000. (Photo: Michael Sainato) Views
'They Obviously Can Afford to': Workers Call On Walmart To Raise Minimum Wage to $15 an Hour
As the Walton Family continues amassing greater wealth from Walmart’s success, employees at Walmart retail stores struggle with poverty, low wages, and larger workloads due to understaffing
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Corporations Should Share the Wealth Before Buying Back Stock
Senator Sanders has introduced a bill that would ban Walmart and other big corporations from repurchasing their stock unless they narrow the gaps between CEO and worker pay
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