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Today’s overpaid CEOs are unlikely to start sharing that good life—and the wealth that finances it—more equitably without public policies to prod them in this direction. (Photo: Shutterstock) Views
Where Is 'Line Worker Barbie'?
CEO-worker pay gaps are the clearest proof that corporations like Mattel and many others don't respect their employees.
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A tax penalty on extreme pay gaps would give corporations an incentive to finally narrow these obscene divides. (Photo: Screenshot/Youtube) Views
We’ve Waited Too Long for Corporations to Fix the CEO Pay Problem on Their Own
A decade after bonus-chasing executives like Angelo Mozilo crashed the economy, we need tax incentives to push companies to narrow the gaps between CEO and worker pay.
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Eugene Scalia News
Progressives Decry Senate's Approval of Labor Secretary Eugene Scalia as 'Absolute Betrayal to the American Worker'
"Scalia will undoubtedly be yet another stooge for rich and powerful interests at the very agency designed to curb that influence."
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'Not Enough': Critics Say Walmart Must Go Beyond Corporate PR and Half-Measures on Guns
"We can't rely on corporations to stop gun violence."
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We’ve seen what happens when huge corporations, and the politicians beholden to them, wield all the political power. (Photo: Shutterstock) Views
Democracy Needs Unions
When workers don’t have a voice in their workplace, they eventually lose their voice at the ballot box, too.
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NAFTA protest Views
Why Would the Democrats Want to be 'Tough' on Trade, as Opposed to Smart on Trade?
Over the last three decades, the United States has negotiated trade deals to benefit U.S. corporations
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Workers and Shooting Survivors Slam Walmart Plan to Stop Gun Violence by...Wait for It...Displaying Video Games Less Prominently
"Stop hiding behind made up issues and come to grips with the reality of your role in gun violence."
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Attorney Eugene Scalia News
Trump Provokes Outrage With Plan to Nominate Ex-Walmart Attorney Eugene Scalia as Next Labor Secretary
"The Labor Dept should be a champion for workers, not corporations that pay minimum wages."
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When corporations get special handouts from the government, it costs the rest of us.(Photo: Screenshot) Views
How Corporate Welfare Hurts You
The next time you hear conservatives railing against welfare handouts for the poor, remind them that we should really be cutting corporate welfare
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 Rather than letting private equity vultures enrich themselves on the backs of employees who’d been with the store for decades, workers fought back, taking creative actions across the country and pushing legislators and pension funds to get on board—and eventually won a $20 million severance fund. (Photo: Liao Pan/China News Service/VCG via Getty Images) Views
Retail Workers Nationwide Are United for Respect
Workers around the country are fighting back, taking creative actions and pushing legislators and pension funds to act
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