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"Nobody in Congress is talking seriously about passing bills to remove private cash from the public elections—or even to mandate reasonable “dark money” disclosure." (DonkeyHotey/cc) Views
Who Will Protect Elections From U.S. Oligarchs?
No other “democracy” in the developed world comes close to the United States when it comes to giving big-money donors unregulated power in their national electoral processes.
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A Palestinian searches through rubble of his destroyed home hit by Israeli strikes in Towers Al-andaa—the northern Gaza Strip. (Photo: UN Photo/Shareef Sarhan/flickr/cc) Views
Nine Reasons Israel Is Not a ‘Progressive Paradise’
Progressives realizing the realities of the state of Israel are precisely why Democrats are continuing to sympathize more and more with Palestinians.
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A Paraguayan protester dressed as "Uncle Sam" during a 2005 march in Asuncion, Paraguay, against U.S. military forces. (Jorge Saenz / AP) Views
The World Will Not Mourn the Decline of U.S. Hegemony
The death count resulting from “American Era” U.S. foreign policy runs well into the many millions.
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"It’s possible that he might indeed be the first president since Harry Truman in 1945 to order the use of nuclear weapons." (Photo: Getty) Views
The Most Dangerous Man on Earth
Here we are, living with a man whose ultimate urge seems to be to bring the world to a boil around himself.
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"Not only did the Kennedy Administration pour fuel on the fire of the arms race, it practiced nuclear brinksmanship of the most dangerous sort." Views
President Trump: Nuclear Business As Usual?
The US led every step in the arms race, which remains the greatest immediate threat to the survival of human civilization and other living beings.
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Edward S. Herman Views
Edward S. Herman: Master of Dissent (1925–2017)
Ed was the main author of Manufacturing Consent: The Political Economy of the Mass Media , written with Noam Chomsky.
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Donald Trump: God of the Apocalypse
Once upon a time... when the idea of this kind of man with a nuclear weapon was just unthinkable
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Harry Belafonte, seen here in 2010, said Friday that Hitler-like times are "not too far from our door." (Photo:  The Leadership Conference on Civil and Human Rights/flickr/cc) News
With Trump, Warns Belafonte, Echoes of Hitler 'Not Too Far From Our Door'
Legendary artist and activist says "the nation is at the crossroads of probably our most challenging moment in history."
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Wrongful Rhetoric and Trump’s Strategy on Iran
In a time when 20 million people face starvation, it’s particularly obscene for any country to pour resources into nuclear weaponry.
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The transfer is from public institutions, in which voters have some say, insofar as democracy is functioning, to private tyrannies -- the corporations that dominate the economy -- in which voters have no say at all. Views
The Trump Presidency (or How to Further Enrich "The Masters of the Universe")
'There is a diversionary process under way, perhaps just a natural result of the propensities of the figure at center stage and those doing the work behind the curtains.'
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