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Google has established a pattern of lobbying and threatening to acquire power. It has reached a dangerous point common to many monarchs: The moment where it no longer wants to allow dissent. Views
Google Is Coming After Critics in Academia and Journalism. It’s Time To Stop Them
About 10 years ago, Tim Wu, the Columbia Law professor who coined the term network neutrality, made this prescient comment : “To love Google, you have to be a little bit of a monarchist, you have to have faith in the way people traditionally felt about the king.” Wu was right. And now, Google has...
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Reporters in public settings are also finding that people are becoming “more violent toward the media than they have been in the past,” such as the recent case of Guardian reporter Ben Jacobs who was physically attacked by Republican candidate Greg Gianforte while asking a question. Views
Trump Team Sets the Stage for Prosecutions of the Press
At a press briefing last week, Attorney General Jeff Sessions warned darkly of “the dramatic growth in the number of unauthorized disclosures of classified national security information in the past several months.” He suggested that his Justice Department would begin “reviewing policies affecting...
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Al Jazeera logo News
'Brazen Attack on Media Freedom': Critics Blast Israel's Move to Ban Al Jazeera
"The move sends a chilling message that the Israeli authorities will not tolerate critical coverage."
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Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu listens to an adviser at the start of the weekly cabinet meeting at his office in Jerusalem on August 6 Views
What is Behind Israel's Attempt to Ban Al Jazeera?
Does Netanyahu need a smoke screen for his corruption scandal or is there a more sinister reason for banning Al Jazeera?
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As White House Ramps Up Attacks on Free Press, NRA Issues Warning to New York Times
Conservative commentator tells newspaper, "We're coming for you"
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Screen shot of C-SPAN broadcast of Department of Justice briefing by Attorney General Jeff Sessions on "culture of leaking" Views
Facing Crisis of Legitimacy, Trump Administration Pledges to Intensify War on Leaks
President Donald Trump's administration is in the throes of a crisis of legitimacy and leadership, with federal government employees concerned and unwilling to stay quiet about chaos, incompetence, and questionable acts unfolding within institutions. To respond to an increase in leaks to the press...
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The Committee to Protect Journalists and other press freedom groups are tracking threats to journalists with a new website. News
Amid Trump's Chilling War on Media, Press Freedom Groups Expose Threats to US Journalists
New database catalogues 46 attacks on free press in 2017 so far
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"Donald Trump's norm breaking is trickling down and shaping the opinions of rank-and-file Republicans" News
Poll: 'Scary' Number of Republicans Support Court-Ordered Press Censorship
45 percent of Republicans favor giving courts the power to shutter "biased" media outlets—a number commentators argued should be "scary for anyone concerned about the future of American democracy."
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Donald Trump Views
A Letter to Trump
When one knows thee, then alien there is none, then no door is shut. —Rabindranath Tagore, Gitanjali (1913) Dear Mr. Trump, Forgive me for not addressing you as president but the words do not permit themselves to be formed when I think of that word and you. If you read my columns you have probably...
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Today Is the Day to Fight to Save the Internet
The Trump FCC — like the rest of this administration — is doing everything in its power to serve corporations and harm the rest of us.
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