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Eight-year-old Indi Pineau, a 3rd grader in Jeffco Public Schools, works on doing her first day of online learning in her room at her family's home on March 17, 2020 in Lakewood, Colorado. News
With Millions of Students Cut Off Digitally, Coronavirus Pandemic Bolsters Demand to Treat Internet as Public Utility
Advocacy group calls for $100 billion investment toward creating a broadband system "that would benefit people, not just companies."
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Julian Assange supporters demonstrate outside of the Westminster Magistrates Court on November 18, 2019 in London. Views
Assange's Extradition: An Escalation of the US War on Terror
Julian Assange created a new form of journalism that enabled a free press to perform its true function—the role of watchdog for democracy.
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Protesters carried signs at a march against mass surveillance on Oct. 26, 2013 in Washington, D.C. News
With Nation Focused on Coronavirus, Rights Groups Warn Senate Against Handing Trump 'Terrifying' Spy Powers
"It's unthinkable to extend these spying powers to the same agencies that have so often sidestepped safeguards and ignored Americans' fundamental privacy rights."
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Senate Leadership Is Pushing Through a Dangerous Surveillance Bill as Americans Are Focused on Covid-19
If McConnell's push through the Senate succeeds, it would renew the government’s power to warrantlessly acquire billions of data points on every person in the United States. These are terrifying powers to hand to President Trump.
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petition delivery News
'This Merger Is a Monopolistic Disaster': Consumer Groups Decry Approval of T-Mobile/Sprint Deal
"Expect prices to rise and service to suffer," warned Public Citizen.
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On Thursday, Free Press Action released its 2020 “Right to Connect Voter Guide,” an analysis of presidential candidates’ positions on vital media and technology policies. It analyzes the positions of nine Democratic and Republican presidential candidates polling at 3 percent or above in recent national polls. (Image: Free Press Action) Views
Your Emoji-Based Guide to Where the 2020 Candidates Stand on Media and Tech Policy
President Donald Trump gets all frowns, but Sens. Bernie Sanders and Elizabeth Warren stand out for their proposals to invest billions to expand internet access and rein in steep broadband prices that keep low-income families and people of color offline.
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Expert Says Senate Democrats' Sweeping Online Privacy Bill Answers Public Demand for 'Transformative Shift'
"The Consumer Online Privacy Rights Act gives consumers meaningful rights, holds companies accountable, and protects stronger state safeguards."
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"After devoting nearly two decades to growth at any cost," writes Karr, the Facebook "network has become far too big NOT to fail—even when you consider the resources Facebook is now throwing at filtering and flagging objectionable content. And those failures are having dangerous ramifications in the real world." (Photo: flickr/GostGo/cc) Views
Why Facebook Filtering Will Ultimately Fail
We as a society need to do more than hope that Facebook can fix itself.
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Democrats' New Online Privacy Bill Heralded as Chance to Build 'Alternative Road to a Digital Future'
"This legislation is a game-changer," says Harvard professor Shoshana Zuboff, whose latest book warns of "surveillance capitalism."
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Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg News
Hundreds of Facebook Employees to CEO Zuckerberg: 'Free Speech and Paid Speech Are Not the Same Thing'
"Facebook's own employees are rising up against the company's dangerous decision to help politicians lie to U.S. voters."
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