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Administrator for the Centers of Medicare & Medicade Services Seema Verma attends 2019 Forbes Healthcare Summit News
Trump Official Who Doesn't Want Poor People to Have Publicly-Funded Healthcare Wants Public to Pay for Stolen Ivanka Jewelry
New reporting by Politico reveals that Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Services Administrator Seema Verma filed a claim for over $40,000 for items stolen while she gave a speech bashing Medicare for All.
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Asked specifically about Medicare for All, Biden says that while his more progressive rivals Sanders and Warren support it, "The party's not there. The party's not there at all." (Photo: Axios/Screenshot) News
'Where's the Party? Come On, Man': Biden Claims Democrats Not Down for AOC-Style Progress Like Medicare for All
"OK boomer," progressives responded.
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Donald Trump pictured with US healthcare executives in 2017, including (second from right) the then CEO of UnitedHealth Group. (Photo: Twitter) Views
Donald Trump, the US Private Health Giant, and Top NHS Officials—Special Relationships?
US private healthcare firm Optum has been ‘planting seeds’ in the English NHS for a decade, new research exposes.
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Documents Reveal 'Toxic Trump-Johnson Deal' Post-Brexit Would Allow US Pharma Industry to Send NHS Drug Prices Skyrocketing
"A Labour government will stop our NHS being sold off in a toxic trade deal with Trump," Labour leader Jeremy Corbyn said.
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Advocates hold signs at the second-ever congressional hearing on Medicare for All. (Photo: Alex Wong/Getty Images) News
'Another Victory for #MedicareForAll!' Says Jayapal as Fourth House Hearing on Proposal Is Announced
The Washington Democrat called the development "proof of the historic momentum we have in our fight to ensure quality, affordable healthcare for everyone."
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Trump-style politics, and particularly American-style privatized healthcare, are the bogeymen of the U.K. election. (Photo: The Progressive) Views
What the U.K. Election Tells Us About Universal Health Care
Across the political spectrum, the British are clear: American-style health care is a terrible idea.
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A Briton is shocked at the cost of an ambulance ride in the U.S. News
'So If You're Poor, You're Dead'? Watch These Brits Gasp When They Find Out Cost of Healthcare in the United States
"The cost of American healthcare is literally unimaginable to most British people."
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Insurance Industry Is Clearly 'Terrified,' Says Sanders, As Lawmakers Admit Lobbyists Helped Them Write Attacks on Medicare for All
"We are taking on the big-money interests who have an army of lobbyists trying to defeat Medicare for All."
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SESTA-FOSTA protest Views
Reducing HIV Transmission Requires Decriminalizing Sex Work
This World AIDS Day we are fighting to end the criminalization of trans bodies and those living with HIV.
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Trump blimp News
NHS Staff to Lead Protest Against Trump During His Trip to the UK Amid Rising Privatization Concerns
The demonstration plans come as new research reveals that nearly £15 billion in health service contracts have been given to private firms since 2015, casting doubt on Tories' claims that NHS isn't "up for sale."
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