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Border Patrol agents detain a 14-year-old boy News
Critics Decry 'Publicity Stunt With Genuine Consequences' as Trump Deploys 'Surge' of Park Rangers to Patrol Southern Border
"Building a despicable wall through our spectacular borderlands isn't enough for Trump."
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An explosion occurred at roughly 1:00 am Wednesday at a chemical plant in Port Neches, Texas. News
Just One Week After Trump Rolled Back Safety Measures, Chemical Plant Explosion Rocks Texas Town
"This facility has a track record of violating the Clean Air Act."
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Search and rescue workers combed through what remained of a 50-unit apartment building News
Environmental Justice Advocates Blast Trump EPA for 'Dangerous' Rollback of Chemical Disaster Rule
"Safety requirements at these facilities should be stepped up, not rolled back. But this is what we've come to expect from the Trump EPA."
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Sign reads: Protect public education. Views
Yes, Something Stinks about the State Takeover of the Houston Independent School District
The state officials behind the takeover are vandals, disrupters, corrupters of democracy.
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Rodney Reed with his brother Rodrick, nephew Rodrick Jr., and mother Sandra Reed at the Allan B. Polunsky Unit, West Livingston, Texas in 2019. (Photo: Courtesy of the Reed Justice Initiative) News
Rodney Reed Lawyers 'Relieved and Thankful' After Stay of Execution Granted by Texas Court
"Reed's execution should not just be delayed, but canceled," said Bernie Sanders. "Real criminal justice reform must include joining every other major democracy in eliminating the death penalty."
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Amnesty International Amplifies Clemency Demand for Rodney Reed as Supreme Court Considers Taking Up Case
"Killing a person creates a murderer out of the executioner, is not justice for Stacey Stites, and deprives Rodney Reed of dignity and humanity."
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'This Must Be Stopped': Millions Call on Texas Governor to Halt Execution of Rodney Reed
"We have got to join the rest of the developed world and abolish the death penalty... A civilized society should not be involved in the murder of other Americans."
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Communities are taking things into their own hands, advocating for and winning automatic voter registration and same-day registration, upending proposed voter roll purges, and requesting absentee ballots.(Photo: Shutterstock) Views
Republicans, Not Russians, Threaten Our Elections
When turnout climbs, Republicans lose. No wonder they're closing polling places and purging voters all over the country.
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Texas voters could have less options for polling places if a new Republican state law is upheld. Democrats in the state have filed suit to strike it down. News
'A Stain on Our Democracy': Texas Democrats File Suit to Stop GOP Voter Suppression Efforts
"We need to fight back in the courts and at the ballot box."
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Former Dallas police officer Amber Guyger appears in court during her trial for the 2018 murder of Botham Jean on September 28, 2019. Views
Amber Guyger Case Shows How Far America Has to Go When It Comes to Justice for Innocent Black Victims
The murder of Botham Jean in his own home resulted in an almost unprecedented conviction of a police officer—but the case played out with frustrating familiarity.
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