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As North Korea boasted in July that it had launched an intercontinental ballistic missile capable of carrying a nuclear warhead, it's more important than ever that Canada play a leadership role in pushing for nuclear disarmament, Linda McQuaig argues.  (Korean Central News Agency/The Associated Press) Views
Canada Abandons Proud History as ‘Nuclear Nag’ When Most Needed
So insistent was Canada in pushing for nuclear disarmament that we became known among top NATO generals as the “nuclear nag.” Make no mistake — that was meant as an insult. But it gives me a shiver of pride to think that Canada was smeared because of our insistence on challenging NATO’s top brass...
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Trump has moved aggressively to undo rules to address climate change, food safety, agricultural pollution, and exposure to chemicals, Views
Will Trump Use NAFTA To Institutionalize The Wholesale Delay And Repeal Of Public Protections?
If the Trump administration can be said to stand for anything, it would be a concerted effort to delay and repeal regulatory protections. Through his cabinet and directly with executive orders, Trump has moved aggressively to undo rules to address climate change , food safety , agricultural...
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First tiny house News
Inspired by Standing Rock, First Nations 'Tiny House Warriors' Protest Pipeline Project
First Nations and allies in British Columbia, Canada, are protesting an expansion of the Kinder Morgan Trans Mountain pipeline by building 10 tiny houses in its proposed path, which runs through more than 300 miles of Secwepemcul'ecw, unceded tribal territory. "We, the Secwepemc, have never ceded,...
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Meet the New NAFTA, Same as the Old NAFTA?
During his presidential campaign, Donald Trump called for protection of jobs. Did he mean tariffs or other measures to keep employment in the United States? Or was he talking about stronger labor protection, such as the right to organize? The renegotiations of the North American Free Trade...
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Saudis Are Killing Their Own People, With Help from the US and Canada
Government forces have been terrorizing the people of Awamiyah in Saudi Arabia’s eastern province of al-Qatif for months. On May 10th , the Saudis launched a military campaign to tear down Al-Mosawarah, a 400-year-old neighborhood that is an important cultural and heritage center for the roughly 30...
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Asylum seeker crosses border into Canada News
Canada Builds Border Camp for Asylum Seekers Fleeing US
Canada's military has troops assembling heated tents that will be capable of temporarily housing up to 500 asylum seekers who continue crossing into the country where it borders New York State. "Around 250 asylum seekers are arriving each day in Montreal, the largest city in Canada's mainly French-...
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By Any Other Name: Resisting "Weather Extremes" and Other Trumpian Crapola
Here and front: Some of the stunning underwater art installations around the world by Jason deCaires Taylor. About that deranged move by Dumpster and his oil-rich goons to create a pretend-it's-not-there-and-hope-it'll-go away-even-though-we're-all-gonna-die reality: Nope. Thanks to leaks published...
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Justin Trudeau, who styles himself a champion of struggling middle-class workers, seems content to do nothing about NAFTA’s headlock on working Canadians. (image/cc/DonkeyHotey) Views
NAFTA Needs an Overhaul to Improve Workers’ Rights
With the chaos of the Trump administration as a backdrop, Canadian diplomats will arrive in Washington later this month for NAFTA talks that they hope will be no more than a skinny renegotiation. According to Canadian lore, the North American Free Trade Agreement has been a great boon to Canada, so...
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Welcome to Quebec sign News
Asylum Seekers, Fleeing Trump's Hostility, Overwhelm Quebec's Refugee Resources
So many asylum seekers are pouring over the Canadian border from the United States that authorities opened Montreal's Olympic stadium—a 56,000-seat arena and one of the city's most famous landmarks—as a temporary welcome center on Wednesday. Between January and June 2017, more than 4,000 people...
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U.S. President Donald Trump greets Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau at the White House February 13, 2017 in Washington, DC. (Photo by Mark Wilson/Getty Images) Views
Canada: Flexing Military Might is Capitulation to Trump, Despite Liberal Spin
Even after The Economist magazine ran an article headlined “Tony Blair is not a poodle,” the British prime minister was unable to shake the slur of being George W. Bush’s loyal lapdog for supporting his invasion of Iraq. So there must be a huge sigh of relief inside our own Prime Minister’s Office...
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