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FDA Raids in Florida Suggest Trump Admin. Policy Change That Benefits Big Pharma
News of the raids follows the president's nomination of a former drug company executive to serve as secretary of the Department of Health and Human Services
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Canada Expands Parental Leave Policy, But Critics Say More Changes Needed
While some new parents celebrate option for more time at home with babies, experts say updated rules won't benefit lower-income parents
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Trump will either shock Americans into maturity or cause them to regress even more, Heather Mallick writes. Views
Americans Should Take a Lesson from Canadians and Just Grow Up
Their food, their clothing, even the way they cry, the United States is — how can I put this tactfully? — childish, with all the charm and menace that entails.
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The downfall of Sears Canada seems tragic and unnecessary, and the devastating blow to its employees should not have been allowed to happen. Views
Demise of Sears Canada Should Be Catalyst for Change
We’re by no means helpless to prevent such fiascos. We need to change our corporate laws so those controlling corporations can be held personally liable for money owed to their employees.
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Huge 'People Over Pipeline' Victory as TransCanada Forced to Kill Energy East
"This is an important day in the fight against climate change in Canada. Energy East was a disaster waiting to happen."
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Canadian Minister of Finance Bill Morneau Views
Time to End Tax Breaks That Benefit the Rich
The real beneficiaries of the tax loophole targeted by the Trudeau government are high-flying corporate lawyers, businesspeople, accountants, doctors, dentists, insurance, and real estate agents
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As North Korea boasted in July that it had launched an intercontinental ballistic missile capable of carrying a nuclear warhead, it's more important than ever that Canada play a leadership role in pushing for nuclear disarmament, Linda McQuaig argues.  (Korean Central News Agency/The Associated Press) Views
Canada Abandons Proud History as ‘Nuclear Nag’ When Most Needed
It’s not too late for the country to play leadership role in global struggle to abolish nuclear weapons and outlaw them forever.
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Trump has moved aggressively to undo rules to address climate change, food safety, agricultural pollution, and exposure to chemicals, Views
Will Trump Use NAFTA To Institutionalize The Wholesale Delay And Repeal Of Public Protections?
The NAFTA talks are advancing rapidly with very little information available to the public on their content or the possible consequences for fair and sustainable food and farm systems.
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First tiny house News
Inspired by Standing Rock, First Nations 'Tiny House Warriors' Protest Pipeline Project
"As Kinder Morgan tries to force through a pipeline without our consent—risking polluting the land and poisoning our rivers—we are rising up to create a resistance rooted in family, community, and hope."
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Meet the New NAFTA, Same as the Old NAFTA?
During his presidential campaign, Donald Trump called for protection of jobs. Did he mean tariffs or other measures to keep employment in the United States? Or was he talking about stronger labor protection, such as the right to organize? The renegotiations of the North American Free Trade...
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