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 "Frankly, I don’t know what it's going to take," writes Pierce, "to get an anesthetized citizenry off its ass and realize what a threat the country is facing in having a criminal idiot as a chief executive." (Photo: Ted Eytan/flickr/cc) Views
Why Aren't the American People Marching in the Streets Over McConnell Cover-Up in the Senate
The American public has now proved that it will tolerate just about anything except sign-stealing in baseball and a bad decision on The Bachelor.
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Civil rights icon Rep. John Lewis (D-Georgia) speaks in favor of the For the People Act, a sweeping, pro-democracy bill passed by the House in 2019 that combines measures to protect voting rights, curb Big Money influence, and strengthen ethics rules. (Photo: Getty Images.) Views
Citizens United at 10: Why Fighting Corruption Is a Racial Justice Issue
In the wake of Citizens United, perhaps the most promising development has been efforts by democracy advocates to link anti-corruption measures with broader, pro-democracy reform.
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'Critical Moment' as Two Key Architects of CIA Torture Program Testify Under Oath in Guantanamo Bay
"Torture is never justified and anyone who uses it must be held to account."
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Republican Senate leader Mitch McConnell arrives for the Senate impeachment trial of US President Donald Trump at the US Capitol in Washington, DC, January 21, 2020. - Sparks flew Tuesday over proposed rules for the Senate trial of President Donald Trump, as Democrats accused Republicans of attempting a "cover-up" of evidence that the US leader abused his powers. The first full day of the historic trial saw the Republican Senate leader Mitch McConnell submit a resolution on procedures that does not admit ev News
'A Fact-Free Sham Trial Perpetrated in the Dead of Night': McConnell's Trump Cover-Up in Senate Begins
"If the president is so confident in his case, if Leader McConnell is so confident the president did nothing wrong, why don't they want the case to be presented in broad daylight?"
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Joe Biden speaking at a campaign event for Hillary Clinton at a September 27, 2016 rally at Drexel University, in Philadelphia. News
While Establishment Erupts Over Anti-Corruption Expert Pointing Out Biden's Troubling Record, Progressives Say: Look at the Troubling Record
"Here's the thing: nominating a candidate like Biden will make it far more difficult to defeat Trump."
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Flim-Flam Collins, Yet Again Further
Flim-Flam Collins, Yet Again
Collins and her drunken frat boy bestie Kavanaugh, before the vote that will live in infamy. Getty photo. The crass GOP impeachment cover-up began Tuesday with Trump lawyers offering up "a blizzard of lies " in a legal charade deemed "banana republic stuff" and "the equivalent of impeachment jazz...
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 Presenting Iran as the reason for attacks on US forces in Iraq also implies that Iraqis had little objection to the US invasion, legitimizing the US’s ongoing military presence in the country. (Photo: DVIDSHUB/flickr/cc) Views
The US’s Inalienable Right to Violence
In the imperial imagination, the US has the right to violently pursue its objectives wherever it wants, and any resistance is illegitimate.
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Lower pay for those at the top increases the real pay for those at the bottom and middle. (Photo: Steve Rhodes/flickr/cc) Views
If Worker Pay Had Kept Pace With Productivity Gains Since 1968, Today's Minimum Wage Would Be $24 an Hour
In such a world, a full-time minimum wage worker would be earning $48,000 a year in the United States.
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Essentially, it’s democracy for sale to the highest bidder. (Photo: Joe Bruskey/cc/flickr) Views
Bernie Sanders: 10 Years Fighting Citizens United
"You can’t take on a corrupt system if you take its money."
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If Democrats Want to Honor Legacy of Dr. King, Says Ocasio-Cortez, "We Have to Be Dangerous Too"
Congresswoman from New York said Martin Luther King Jr. would disagree with establishment Democrats who believe "we can capitalism our way out of poverty."
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