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Guyanese President Irfaan Ali and U.S. Secretary of State Mike Pompeo meet during a joint news conference in the capital, Georgetown, on September 18, 2020. (Photo: AFP/Getty Images) News
US-Guyana Maritime Patrols Near Venezuela Border Denounced as Latest American Imperialism
Pompeo says the joint naval and air patrols in the disputed, oil-rich region are meant to fight drug trafficking, but critics see them as the latest U.S. aggression toward Maduro.
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Climate activists from Extinction Rebellion attend a protest against the expansion of Stansted Airport on 29 August 2020 in Bishop's Stortford, United Kingdom. (Photo: Mark Kerrison/In Pictures via Getty Images) Views
These Big City Mayors Want Green Stimulus Spending to Counter Covid-19
Outside the EU, most pandemic recovery spending has reinforced the carbon-intensive status quo.
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At least 212 eco-defenders were murdered around the world last year, according to a new annual report. (Image: Global Witness) News
Global Witness Reveals 2019 Was 'Deadliest Year on Record' for Eco-Defenders, With 212 Murdered Worldwide
"Those that defend our land and environment are on the front lines of #ClimateAction. But we are failing them badly."
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People march during a nationwide strike called by students, unions and indigenous groups to protest against the government of Colombia's President Ivan Duque in Medellin, Colombia, on November 21, 2019. News
'We Cannot Continue to Live Like This': Mass Protests in Colombia Latest in Latin American Uprisings
"What happened in Chile sent a forceful message."
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That report notes that among the key resource sectors that are driving the violence against human rights defenders is agribusiness. (Photo: Gabrielle Galindo) Views
Remembering Colombian Land Defender Hernán Bedoya
"A year before he died, Hernán warned the palm oil companies planned to plant another 1,000 hectares (2,470 acres), which would be impossible unless he and more than a dozen other campesinos were dispossessed."
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Workers from Venezuela's state oil company, PDVSA, participate in an anti-imperialist march  to support Venezuelan President Nicolas Maduro, in front of the Miraflores Presidential Palace in Caracas, Venezuela on January 31, 2019.  The US slapped sanctions on Venezuela's state oil company PDVSA in an attempt to cut off a vital source of funds. (Photo/YURI CORTEZ/AFP/Getty Images) Views
Why Venezuela Is the Vietnam of Our Time
On April 30, 1975, the United States learned an important lesson. The capture of Saigon by the People’s Army of Vietnam (PAVN) would mark the defeat of the world’s most powerful military force by an army of guerrilla fighters. No matter the scale of its military, or the weight of the iron fist it...
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Social Movements Under Intense Attack Despite Colombia 'Peace Plan'
The U.S. government has interfered with the internal affairs of Colombia since the nation's founding as a nation in 1810
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With the backing of the Trump administration, opposition leader Juan Guaidó declared himself "interim president" earlier this year. News
Attendees of Secret Meeting for 'US Military Assault' on Venezuela Revealed
"Few of these figures are well known by the public, yet many have played an influential role in US plans to destabilize Venezuela."
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As Guaidó Returns to Venezuela, Pence Threatens 'Swift Response' If Opposition Leader Arrested
Leader of right-wing opposition—attempting to overthrow the elected government with the help of the Trump administration—claims it "would be a coup d'état" if he was detained
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With Trump Pushing Regime Change in Venezuela, Critics Warn News Outlets Failing US Viewers Once Again
"If the US had a major state TV network it would sound exactly like this. 100% pure, uncritical cheerleading."
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