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War is an indescribable nightmare. (Photo: Roberto Schmidt/AFP via Getty Images) Views
War Zone America?
Perspectives on a riven nation from a worried military spouse.
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"The federal appeals court in Washington, D.C., has just slammed the Guantánamo gate shut," writes Greenhouse. (Photo: Alex Brandon/AP) Views
A Court Just Slammed the Guantánamo Gate Shut
Does the public care about the 40 remaining inmates with no obvious end to their imprisonment?
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There was a dramatic increase in hate crimes targeting Muslims after 9/11. (Photo: David McNew/Getty Images) News
NYT's Krugman Pilloried on 9/11 Anniversary for Claiming No 'Mass Outbreak of Anti-Muslim Sentiment' in US After 2001 Attacks
Anti-Muslim hate crimes soared after 9/11, and thousands of Muslims in the U.S. were detained—and some tortured—in George W. Bush's futile anti-terror dragnet.
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The Warren Commission presents its Report to U.S. President Lyndon Johnson, White House, Washington, D.C. on September 24, 1964. Views
A Commission to Investigate Presidential Crimes is a Terrible Idea
History shows Rep. Swalwell’s proposal would hinder justice rather than render it.
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Citing 'Years of Chaos and Impunity,' ACLU Calls for Breakup of Department of Homeland Security
"We have to remove the loaded weapon that sits on the proverbial coffee table in the Oval Office."
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By the time this crew is done, it may be nobody’s century.(Photo: Carlo Allegri/ Reuters) Views
Donald J. Trump as Osama bin Laden's Revenge
Murderous forever wars and a pandemic and president from hell.
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U.S. Soldiers navigate a stream during a security patrol in Chabar, Afghanistan, Dec. 3, 2009. The Soldiers are from Charlie Company, 1st Battalion, 17th Infantry Regiment, 5th Brigade Combat Team, 2nd Infantry Division. (Photo: DoD/Tech. Sgt. Francisco V. Govea II, U.S. Air Force) Views
What Do Russian Analysts Make of the Charge Moscow Offered Taliban Bounties on US Troops?
The history of outside forces helping wage war within Afghanistan—including the U.S. establishment of the mujahideen forces to fight the Russians in the 1980s—is a bloody history indeeed.
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 "All I've wanted, like everyone else, is to be free and with my family again," Adham Hassoun said in a statement on Monday. "But the government at every turn tried to deny me the opportunity to prove my innocence. I'm grateful to the court for upholding the freedoms and constitutional guarantees that made me fall in love with this country 30 years ago." (Image: Witness Against Torture/flickr) News
Federal Court Rules Trump Effort to Detain Man Indefinitely Without Charges 'Cannot Withstand Constitutional Scrutiny'
Held without charges or evidence since 2017—and imprisoned overall for nearly two decades—the judge ordered, pending an appeal, for the U.S. government to release Adham Hassoun.
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 The spread of Covid-19 has offered a rare opportunity to raise questions, challenge frameworks, and critically consider what “ending” war might even mean for this country.(Photo:  Erich Ferdinand/flickr/cc) Views
The Coming of a Social-Distancing Version of War
The future of forever war, American-style.
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As physicians and health practitioners we have warned for decades about the existential threats of nuclear war and climate change and vulnerability to global pandemics. (Photo: Scott Howe/DVIDS) Views
Budgets Are Moral Documents: Nuclear Weapons Funding and COVID-19 Response
We are one interconnected human family on this planet and at long last, it is time to recognize this fact. The cessation of funding and elimination of nuclear weapons would be a good-faith step in recognizing this reality.
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