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Cotton Field Views
Big Ag Is a Major Obstacle to Combating the Climate Crisis
Grim as the recent U.N.'s climate report is, it doesn't go far enough to confront the dangerous government-hijacking power of agribusiness
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That report notes that among the key resource sectors that are driving the violence against human rights defenders is agribusiness. (Photo: Gabrielle Galindo) Views
Remembering Colombian Land Defender Hernán Bedoya
"A year before he died, Hernán warned the palm oil companies planned to plant another 1,000 hectares (2,470 acres), which would be impossible unless he and more than a dozen other campesinos were dispossessed."
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Mickey Ray Williams, president of the USW local union at the Goodyear plant in Gadsden, Alabama, with a tire made in Mexico. Views
A Tire That Should Inspire Fear in the Heart of Workers
This sad story is as old as NAFTA.
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NAFTA protest Views
Why Would the Democrats Want to be 'Tough' on Trade, as Opposed to Smart on Trade?
Over the last three decades, the United States has negotiated trade deals to benefit U.S. corporations
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ABBA House provides humanitarian services for Central American immigrants fleeing the violence, danger, and poverty of their countries on their way to the United States. (Photo:ABBA House/GoFundme) Views
With Migrants Facing Unbeatable Odds, Privilege Blinds Us to What Is Just
The danger of privilege is that it colors our interpretation of "right and wrong," and at the same time distorts our view of justice.
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By depicting El Paso as crime infested when Mexicans were supposedly unconstrained by a wall, Trump implied that Mexicans are criminals, bringing their crime over the border. (Photo: Mario Tama/Getty Images) Views
White Al-Qaeda, Trump and Economic Terrorism Against El Paso
Both Trump’s rhetoric and the shooter’s murders target El Paso’s economy in classic terrorist style.
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The U.S.-Mexico border crossing at Tijuana (Photo: jonathan mcintosh / Flickr / creative commons) Views
The Other Mexican Migration
Thousands of people cross the U.S.-Mexico border for health care every day—and they’re headed south, not north.
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'An Act of Terrorism': Mexico Plans Legal Action Against US After 6 Citizens Killed in El Paso Shooting
"Mexico would like to express its utmost, profound condemnation and rejection of this barbaric act."
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"The symbolism of the seesaw is just magical." (Photo: Twitter) News
In Joyful Act of Resistance, Pink Seesaws Installed at Border Fence
"We are all connected."
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Migrants certainly are not criminals for fleeing conditions the U.S. government helped create. They are victims. (Photo: Ryan/flickr/cc) Views
Dear Democrats: We Owe Migrants More Than "Decriminalization"
U.S. policies have created the disasters from which they are fleeing.
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