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Speaker of the House Nancy Pelosi and House Ways and Means Committee Chairman Richard Neal, Democrat of Massachusetts, speaks about the U.S.-Mexico-Canada Agreement, known as the USMCA, on Capitol Hill in Washington, D.C., December 10, 2019. (Photo: SAUL LOEB/AFP via Getty Images) Views
Trump’s North America Trade Deal Is Poised to Worsen Climate Change—But Dems Don’t Seem To Mind
“We cannot simultaneously claim to fight climate change on one hand and enact climate-denying trade deals on the other."
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Manuel Perez Rocha speaks on the 20th anniversary of the Seattle WTO protests. Views
We Need a Progressive Alternative on Trade—and NAFTA 2.0 Isn’t It
Here’s what a progressive trade agenda that actually protects people and planet would actually look like.
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Is Democrats' USMCA Trade Deal With Trump a Big Win or 'Major Strategic Misstep?'
While some labor unions and economists said the trade pact represents a meaningful improvement, others worried the deal hands Trump a victory while doing little if anything for working people and the planet.
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Only concessions obtained through tough negotiations by labor, environment, and consumer activists made it any better than the status quo. (Photo: Kevin Dietsch—Pool/Getty Images) Views
U.S.-Mexico-Canada Agreement—Weak Tea, at Best
The USMCA will in no way offset or reverse the massive devastation caused by the original NAFTA agreement.
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Border Patrol agents detain a 14-year-old boy News
Critics Decry 'Publicity Stunt With Genuine Consequences' as Trump Deploys 'Surge' of Park Rangers to Patrol Southern Border
"Building a despicable wall through our spectacular borderlands isn't enough for Trump."
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database News
'Targeted by My Own Government': Journalists Sue Trump DHS Over 'Coordinated Attack' on Press Freedom
"This interference effectively prevented me and other journalists from carrying out our reporting at the U.S.-Mexico border."
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Evo Morales News
Evo Morales Calls for 'Truth Commission' to Expose Deceitful Role of US-Backed OAS in Bolivia Coup
"We invite international organizations, Pope Francis, to form a truth commission about the October 20 elections."
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'Unprecedented Drop' in Approved Asylum Cases Result of 'Secret' Trump Policies, Rights Group Says
At one detention center, only 10 percent of asylum-seekers have been allowed to bring their case before an immigration judge since July—down from 97 percent.
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GUATEMALA COUP, 1954. Colonel Miguel Mendoza, Colonel Carlos Castillo Armas, and Major Julio Gaitan (foreground, left-to-right), three leaders of the rebel invasion force which overthrew the government of President Jacobo Arbenz Guzman of Guatemala in 1954. Photographed 24 June 1954. (Photo: ullstein bild via Getty Images) Views
Coming to Terms With the U.S. Role in Central America
U.S. military intervention has played an important role in the instability, poverty, and violence that drives tens of thousands of people from the Central American countries toward Mexico and the United States.
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Moments after Trump’s statement praising the Bolivian military, Mexico announced it had granted Morales political asylum. Around two dozen lawmakers and officials from Bolivia already had sought refuge from Mexico. (Photo: Flickr) Views
Trump Applauds Bolivia’s Military Coup As US Establishment Media Blame Morales For Turmoil
Right-wing opposition forces, and their supporters in the U.S. government, benefited from the sheer ignorance of the electoral process in Bolivia, which was weaponized to further destabilize the country.
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