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Human Rights Watch Urges Biden to End Trump's 'Devastating' Remain In Mexico Policy
The policy under Trump, and made only worse under the pandemic, " has needlessly and foreseeably exposed children and adults to a high risk of violence and other harm."
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Demonstrators protest outside the Westminster Magistrates' Court in London on October 21, 2019. (Photo: Isabel Infantes/AFP via Getty Images) News
Australian Labor Party Urges US to Drop Charges Against Assange
The opposition argues the case must "be brought to an end" as the prime minister says the WikiLeaks founder will be "free to return home" if extradition battle won.
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Mexican President Andres Manuel Lopez Obrador speaks at a press conference in Mexico City on Dec. 8, 2020. ( News
Mexico's Lopez Obrador Wants to Give Asylum to Julian Assange
"Assange is a journalist and deserves a chance," the Mexican president said Monday.
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Laurel Grindy and Paul Nixon, both volunteers with Green Valley-Sahuarita Samaritans, a group that offers humanitarian aid to migrants in the Arizona-Sonora borderlands shared by the U.S. and Mexico, speak to a Border Patrol agent who was manning surveillance equipment near Nogales on July 14, 2019. (Photo: Daniel Woolfolk for AFP/via Getty Images) News
'Complete Disregard for Human Life': US Agents Threaten Christmas Eve Raid Against Humanitarians Giving Aid to Refugees Near Border
One volunteer noted the cruel irony of such actions "on the eve of a holiday meant to celebrate hospitality towards travelers from distant lands."
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Afghan journalist Rahmatullah Nekzad was shot dead while on his way to mosque in Ghazni, Afghanistan on December 21, 2020. (Photo: AFP/Getty Images) News
Number of Journalists Murdered in Retaliation for Their Work More Than Doubled in 2020: Report
"The fact that murder is on the rise and the number of journalists imprisoned around the world hit a record is a clear demonstration that press freedom is under unprecedented assault."
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The winners of the 2020 Goldman Environmental Prize were announced Monday. (Photos: Goldman Environmental Foundation) News
Six Environmental Heroes Awarded Goldman Prize for 'Taking a Stand, Risking Their Lives and Livelihoods, and Inspiring Us'
This year's recipients of the annual honor hail from the Bahamas, Ecuador, France, Ghana, Mexico, and Myanmar.
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At least 212 eco-defenders were murdered around the world last year, according to a new annual report. (Image: Global Witness) News
Global Witness Reveals 2019 Was 'Deadliest Year on Record' for Eco-Defenders, With 212 Murdered Worldwide
"Those that defend our land and environment are on the front lines of #ClimateAction. But we are failing them badly."
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Agricultural workers work in Salinas, California. News
As Trump Limits Guest Workers From Mexico Amid Coronavirus, Farmers Warn of Labor and Food Shortages
"There won't be anyone to harvest the crops... It will be devastating to growers and ultimately to the supply chain and consumers."
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"Asylum seekers face grave danger and irreversible harm every day this depraved policy remains in effect." News
Outcry After Supreme Court Stay Reinstates 'Depraved' Trump Administration Remain in Mexico Policy
"Claiming one emergency after another, the government has recently sought stays in an unprecedented number of cases."
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Women raise their fists a protest on the International Women's Day in Mexico City on March 8, 2020 News
Millions of Women in Mexico Join 'Day Without Us' Strike to Protest Gender-Based Violence
"In Mexico it's like we're in a state of war; we're in a humanitarian crisis because of the quantity of women that have disappeared or been killed."
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