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fishies News
As World's Oceans Warm, Hundreds of Fish Species Forced to Swim for Their Lives
"It's like the rug is slowly getting pulled out from under our fishing communities."
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Fulfilling 'Feedback Loop' Fears, New Study Shows Melting Ice Could Spell Disaster Faster Than Previously Thought
"Trying to dismiss the idea that it has anything to do with global warming is very difficult."
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coral News
'Beyond Comprehension': In Just Two Years, Half of All Corals in 'Forever Damaged' Great Barrier Reef Have Died
Global warming, researchers warn, "is rapidly emerging as a universal threat to ecological integrity and function."
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"Beautiful coral reefs succumb to plastic waste-borne bacteria depleting reef-supported fisheries." (Photo: Dan Kitwood/Getty Images) Views
Of Animals and Bees and Flowers Wild as Earth Day Nears
Serious concerns for anyone who cares for wildlife and the planet we inhabit.
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Atlantic Ocean News
Concerns of 'Catastrophic Collapse' Grow as Gulf Stream Weaker Than It's Been in 1,600 Years
In response, experts are calling for further study, declaring that questions raised by a pair of reports "are among the most pressing questions in climate science."
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A fish farm. (Photo: Michael Coghlan/Flickr/cc)   Views
Canadian Company Threatens NAFTA Investor-State Challenge Over Washington State Legislation Against Fish Farms
The Council of Canadians supports a ban on all fish farms.
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waves crash over railing News
'Game-Changer': Confirming Fears, Satellites Show Fast-Rising Seas
"This acceleration, driven mainly by accelerated melting in Greenland and Antarctica, has the potential to double the total sea level rise by 2100."
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protest sign News
'Drilling Is Killing': West Coast Activists Hold Series of Protests to Counter Trump's Offshore Oil Plan
Environmentalists in Oregon and California take to the streets to tell the Trump administration "we want to keep our coastline clean."
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An 'Oil-Soaked Nightmare': New Analysis Shows Trump's Offshore Drilling Plan Could Mean Over 5,000 Spills
"No president has ever pushed a drilling plan that would do so much damage along so many American coastlines. It's really astonishing."
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ocean News
World's Oceans Last Year Hit Hottest Temperatures Ever Recorded... 'By Far'
Experts say the data indicates that humans must urgently "reduce the heating of our planet by using energy more wisely and increasing the use of clean and renewable energy."
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