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On Climate Strike Eve, 450+ Activists and Groups Urge United Nations to Back Global Fracking Ban
"Our planet is on fire, but fracking is not an evacuation bridge nor a fire extinguisher. Fracking is an arsonist that needs to be stopped."
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Danielle Greene and Jennifer Vassil attend a rally News
Over 120 Groups Call on Congress to Back Constitutional Amendment Overturning Citizens United
"America needs to be responsive to the people, not to corporations and special interests, or it is no longer a democratic republic."
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devastation in the bahamas News
Analysis Finds US Corporate Media 'Failing to Connect Climate Crisis to Strongest Atlantic Storm Ever to Hit Land'
Devastation from Hurricane Dorian provokes calls for reporters to acknowledge the climate emergency's connection to extreme weather
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Advocates Blast 'Paltry' $170 Million Penalty for Google's Violations of Child Privacy Rules
"The FTC let Google off the hook with a drop-in-the-bucket fine. Not a single Google executive or investor will bat an eye."
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In this NASA handout image taken from aboard the International Space Station, shows Hurricane Florence as it travels west in the Atlantic Ocean off the coast of the U.S. on September 12, 2018.  (Photo: NASA via Getty Images) Views
A Category 6 'Big Money' Hurricane Is Coming. But With FEC Gutted, the First Responders Aren’t.
We're facing now is a perfect storm of corruption and criminality on a scale that's almost impossible to fathom.
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While Global Temps Soared, Study Shows US Media Coverage of Right-Wing Think Tanks' Climate Lies Actually Rose Over Past 5 Years
"The media should not give these organizations a platform, and if they must cover them, do a better job of alerting readers and viewers who is funding them."
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Facebook was hit by a $5 billion fine Wednesday, but some observers felt it was not enough. News
Critics Warn FTC's Paltry $5 Billion Fine for FaceBook 'Leaves the Public Vulnerable' to Future Abuse by Tech Giant
"When companies can violate the law, pay big penalties, and still turn a profit while keeping their business model intact, enforcement agencies cannot claim victory."
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David Marcus, Head of Calibra at Facebook, testifies about Facebook's proposed digital currency called Libra, during a Senate Banking, House and Urban Affairs Committee hearing on Capitol Hill in Washington, DC, July 16, 2019. (Photo: Saul Loeb/AFP/Getty Images) Views
Beware Facebook's Libra: A Corporate Surveillance Leviathan With No Precedent Outside the Realm of Science Fiction
It would be foolish to trust Facebook about anything. It would be equally foolish to trust any giant corporation with the mission of creating a private global currency.
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NNU M4A demonstration News
Urging Congress to Support Medicare for All, Groups Declare Universal Healthcare 'A Racial Justice Necessity'
"Communities of color need a healthcare system that rectifies these long-standing structural biases and challenges. Medicare for All is that system."
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m4a rally News
'Rising Enthusiasm for Medicare for All' Has Provoked Dramatic Surge in Industry-Backed Lobbying: Report
"The increase in lobbying against Medicare for All serves as validation from our opposition that this movement has arrived."
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