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People take part in the demonstration 'Fridays for Future' in Piazza del Popolo, on April 19, 2019 in Rome, Italy. (Photo: Simona Granati-Corbis/Getty Images) Views
They Can’t Vote Yet, But Youths Are Ready to #ClimateStrike
We’re hurtling toward collapse. Thank goodness your kids are paying attention.
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(Photo: Courtesy of NASA/Grace Team) Views
Will Antarctic Ice Doom Us All?
A new study arrives at some disturbing numbers
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A park bench sits under water in East Potomac Park in Washington, D.C. on July 8, 2019, after a storm caused flooding. News
Ahead of Trump 'Utter Fantasy' Speech on Environmental Record, DC Flooding Sparks Warnings on Danger of Climate Inaction
"We don't have time for more lies. We must address the climate crisis now," says Sen. Bernie Sanders
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Opponents of the Keystone XL News
'Trump Is Not Above the Law': New Lawsuit Aims to Defeat Keystone XL
"We won't stop fighting Trump's underhanded attempt to dodge the courts and ram this dirty fossil fuel project down America's throat."
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'Blatant Attempt to Intimidate': Trump Administration Proposal Threatens Pipeline Protesters With Up to 20 Years in Prison
"This dangerous proposal threatens to undermine Americans' right to peaceful assembly and free speech."
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Caribou graze on the coastal plain of the Arctic National Wildlife Refuge News
Ecological Importance and Human Rights Be Damned, Trump Admin Says Fossil Fuel Pillaging in Arctic Refuge Coming Soon
Interior Dept. statement that "lease sale will happen in 2019" comes as oil companies face heat over possible extraction on previously protected public land
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This repugnant attempt to swindle the public will not go unnoticed by the people whose lives and health Wheeler is jeopardizing. (Photo: iStock) Views
Trump Administration and EPA Anti-Science Work Will Cost Lives
Undermining the Clean Power Plan and mercury air toxics standards and ignoring the way these and any future safeguards affect our health are direct attacks on the health and development of millions of our most vulnerable friends and neighbors
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In Your Dreams: The Stupid Wall Is "Very Very On Its Way," Except for Losing In Courts and Cease & Desist Orders and Anyway It Won't Work
Photo Nicholas Kamm/AFP/Getty. Front photo Ramon Espinosa/A.P. Annals of Grifting Chap. 476: Hey, remember that stupid wall? Seems Trump's tax cut - billed as economic " rocket fuel " not the fat-cat gift it was - isn't the only nefarious scam he's been running. Despite fatuous boasts his "...
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Climate activists News
#MakeThemPay: Demonstrators Call Out ExxonMobil for Climate Crimes at Shareholders Meeting
"To funders of ExxonMobil: start selling your stocks. The lawsuits are coming."
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With Viral Tweet, Activist Urges Defeat of Massive Grand Canyon Development That Threatens Local Tribe's Water
"There's no national news coverage about this and some very rich people want to keep it that way."
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