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bleached coral News
Example of 'Unknown Unknowns,' Study Detailing 'Almost Instant Mortality of Corals' Suggests Crisis Worse Than Previously Understood
"The water temperatures are so warm that the coral animal doesn't bleach... the animal dies and its underlying skeleton is all that remains."
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We still have time to try and avert the scale of the disaster, but we must respond as we would in an emergency. (Photo: Martyn Aim/Getty Images) Views
The Terrible Truth of Climate Change
The latest science is alarming, even for climate scientists
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'Despair Ends and Tactics Begin': Extinction Rebellion Aims to Shut Down Brisbane With Mass Civil Disobedience
"Our rebellion must happen to disrupt the business as usual of a system that is accelerating the existential threat."
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A family wading through the salty sea water that flooded their village in Eita, Kiribati, on September 30, 2015. News
In 'Visionary' Document, Small Island Nations Declare 'Climate Crisis' in Pacific
Declaration includes demand for end to fossil fuel development and for nations most responsible for crisis to "urgently change direction."
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Montaigne News
WATCH: Australian Singer Releases Music Video She Calls 'Homage to the Youth Climate Movement'
Montaigne's "READY," says 350 Australia, is "a powerful call to action on the climate crisis."
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Sharan Burrow says political leaders need to give working people confidence in a 'just transition' away from coal. (Photo: Wayne Taylor/Sydney Morning Herald) News
Backing Just Transition for Workers, International Union Leader Says, 'No Jobs on a Dead Planet'
"We will work to see no one is left behind," vowed the general secretary of the world's largest trade union confederation
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Australian journalist Annika Smethurst had her home raided Tuesday by police. News
'Outrageous': Police Raid Home of Aussie Journalist Who Reported on Secret Domestic Spying Program
"If you are not concerned over a journalist being raided on the basis of 'national security concerns' for reporting on the potential over reach of Australia's security agencies into your lives, there is something seriously wrong."
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President Donald Trump speaks in late May in support of farmers and ranchers hurt by the ongoing U.S.-China trade war. Farmers hurt by Trump’s tariffs will get additional $16 billion bailout to those most affected. (Photo: Chip Somodevilla/Getty Images) Views
Donald Trump Confuses Bluster With Strength on Trade
Trump has launched a long overdue challenge to our trading relationship with China. Yet instead of enlisting allies to challenge China, Trump slapped tariffs on some of our best trading partners.
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A house burns during the Woolsey Fire on November 9, 2018 in Malibu, California. News
'Existential' Risk of Climate Crisis Could Lead to Civilizational Collapse by 2050, Warns Report
"The world is currently completely unprepared to envisage, and even less deal with, the consequences of catastrophic climate change."
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Climate strikers hold signsnear Melbourne, Australia, on May 3, 2019. News
'The Fight Is Not Over,' Say Groups, as Coal Lover Wins Re-Election in Australia
"If the climate-wreckers in the coalition think we're going to go away quietly, they've got another thing coming."
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