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Australian troops on patrol in Tarin Kowt, Afghanistan. (Photo by Petty Officer 1st Class John Collins, Wikimedia Commons) Views
New SAS War Crimes Revealed as Australia Braces for Report
"A small number of commissioned officers had allowed a culture where abhorrent conduct was permitted."
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A koala named Pete from Pappinbarra at The Port Macquarie Koala Hospital on November 29, 2019 in Port Macquarie, Australia. News
'Without Urgent Govt Intervention,' Koalas Face Extinction in New South Wales by 2050
"If urgent action isn't taken now, NSW is taking a chainsaw to the last koala tree in the bush."
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That long term decline is because the filthy fossil fuel cannot compete with renewables which get cheaper by the day. (Photo: Marcel Kusch/picture alliance via Getty Images) Views
COVID-19 Crisis Accelerating "Long-term Decline of Coal"
Every day new renewables are coming on stream and the reality is we do not need coal for electricity generation.
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In addition to contributing to climate change, forest fires present a more immediate and very grave threat to public health. (Photo: Shutterstock) Views
This Year’s Forest Fire Season Could Be Even Deadlier
Countries are using the coronavirus crisis to lift environmental regulations, even as COVID-19 leaves populations more vulnerable to health impacts from fires.
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A coral reef in Indonesia. Coral reefs — especially Australia’s Great Barrier Reef — have proven to be very sensitive to climate change. Now scientists are trying to determine the mechanisms for climate ecosystem tipping points, and how fast they will occur around the world. (Photo: HereIsTom on / CC BY-NC-ND) Views
Studies Reveal Climate Tipping Points Could Be Here Much Sooner Than We Thought
According to the findings, climate tipping points could happen in a matter of years or decades, not on the ecological timescale of hundreds, or even, thousands of years.
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Coral and fish community in the Great Barrier Reef, Northeast of Port Douglas, Queensland, Australia, Western Pacific Ocean. News
Climate Crisis the 'Single Greatest Challenge' to Great Barrier Reef as Marine Treasure Suffers New Mass Bleaching Event
"I feel like an art lover wandering through the Louvre... as it burns to the ground," says one observer of the coral damage.
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Temperatures in the waters around the Great Barrier Reef Wednesday were higher than usual. News
'Devastating': Great Barrier Reef in Danger of Catastrophic Bleaching as Temperatures in Australia Remain High
"It's a sobering reality we're in."
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Coral and fish community in the Great Barrier Reef, News
'On a Knife Edge': Experts Warn Great Barrier Reef Could Soon See Third Mass Coral Bleaching in Five Years
The concerns follow new research suggesting that the climate crisis could completely wipe out all of the world's coral reef habitats by 2100.
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Australian Government Is Burning Our Children's Future
Despite devastating fires, the Australian government is actively opposing any moves to limit climate damage.
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Jane Fonda was fabulous. She took the makeshift stage in her red coat and hat and launched into a brilliant, clear speech calling upon California, and the rest of the nation and the world, to stop all new oil wells. (Photo: Rev. John Dear) Views
Fire Drill Fridays Take L.A.
Catastrophic climate change is not coming in fifty or one hundred years. It’s upon us now.
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