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Tim Berners-Lee's original vision for the world wide web had the reader and user at the center, writes Grygiel, "but not everyone was as public-spirited: Companies like Facebook have been moving away from this principle since the web's founding." (Photo: sue seecof/flickr/cc) Views
Fiasco in Australia Illustrates How Facebook Is Ruining the Internet
The situation in Australia is a significant opportunity to examine how much power Facebook has over the ways people can seek information online.
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Amazon forest area is burned in rural Novo Progresso north of Brazil on Thursday, August 28, 2019. (Photo: Gustavo Basso/NurPhoto via Getty Images) News
'A Red Alert for Our Planet': New UN Report Shows Radically Bolder Action Needed to Hit 1.5°C Target
"It's staggering how far off track countries are to dealing with the climate crisis."
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Person holds up cell phone with Facebook news feed News
As Australia Reaches Deal With Facebook Following News Blackout, Critics Warn Corporate Power Plays Won't Save Journalism
"It shouldn't be up to Facebook and Google to cherry pick and groom publishers it deems acceptable for side deals."
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Allowing the most powerful media conglomerates to negotiate payments from the most powerful tech conglomerates is an attempt to rebalance the equation. (Photo: Wikimotive) Views
Cutting Deals with Big Tech Won't Save Journalism
We need strong public-media laws that prioritize a free press, civic-minded news production and the interests of the communities news outlets are supposed to serve.
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Screens showing Facebook and Google logos News
'Immediately Reverse This Decision': Amnesty Rebukes Facebook for Blocking Australian News Outlets
"When Big Tech's gatekeeper power is unchecked or a handful of dominant publishers can influence legislation, we get caught in a battle where users always lose."
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Demonstrators protest outside the Westminster Magistrates' Court in London on October 21, 2019. (Photo: Isabel Infantes/AFP via Getty Images) News
Australian Labor Party Urges US to Drop Charges Against Assange
The opposition argues the case must "be brought to an end" as the prime minister says the WikiLeaks founder will be "free to return home" if extradition battle won.
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The US West also saw massive wildfires, with millions of acres burning in California. (Photo: Pixabay/CC0) Views
So Long! Top 6 Reasons We Won’t Miss 2020, or Donald Trump
We aren’t out of the woods, but 2021 gives us light at the end of the tunnel. It has been so dark so long.
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WikiLeaks founder Julian Assange has been deprived of his liberty since his arrest in London in December 2010. (Photo: Claire Doherty/Getty Images) News
Assange's Partner Decries 'Atrocious' Prison Conditions in Appeal for Australian Intervention
"The Australian government should just pick up the phone and speak to its closest allies and show its concern and secure his safe release," said Stella Morris.
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A Syrian refugee walks near a camp outside Qah, Idlib province, on October 28, 2020. (Photo: Ahmad al-Atrash/AFP/Getty Images) News
By Rejecting WTO Drug Patent Waivers Amid Pandemic, Richest Nations Put Big Pharma Profits Before Health of Billions
Rich countries—accused of hoarding future vaccines—are being urged to support a "humanitarian buffer" to innoculate refugees and people in conflict zones.
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Members of a far-right paramilitary group in downtown Stone Mountain, Georgia on August 15, 2020. News
Citing Potential for Election-Related Violence, Australia and New Zealand Update Warnings Against Travel to US
"Take precautions to keep safe during the election season."
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