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Protesters outside the Canadian consulate in New York City rally against the Coastal GasLink Pipeline and in solidarity with the Wet'Suwet'en First Nations people on February 18, 2020. (Photo: Erik McGregor/LightRocket/Getty Images) News
Anger and Confusion After Facebook Suspends Environmental and Indigenous Groups' Accounts Ahead of Pipeline Protest
"Facebook is actively suppressing those who oppose fascism and the colonial capitalists," said one First Nations activist.
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'Shameful Reality Stops Today': Indigenous Rights Advocates Applaud Passage of Bills to End Epidemic of Missing and Murdered Native Women
"This legislation passing means I won't have to have those whispered conversations with my daughters about how the government turns its back on our Native women," one advocate said.
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In Secretly-Recorded 'Pebble Tapes,' Mining Execs Reveal True Scope of 200-Year Project Planned for One of Earth's 'Most Pristine Ecosystems'
" The Pebble Tapes reveal what we suspected," said the Audubon Society of Alaska. "This is not a small, short-term project."
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Bank of America is the only major American bank that has not yet ruled out funding for destructive drilling in the Arctic National Wildlife Refuge. (Photo by Andrew Lichtenstein/Corbis via Getty Images) Views
Why Is Bank of America Still Open to Funding the Destruction of Our Homelands in the Arctic?
We stand together, the Iñupiat and the Gwich’in, in calling on Bank of America to listen to Indigenous people, protect our homelands, and stay out of the Arctic Refuge.
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A man holds a flag with a picture of former Bolivian President Evo Morales during the first campaign event of MAS party ahead of presidential elections on September 9, 2020 in El Alto, Bolivia.  (Photo: Gaston Brito/Getty Images) Views
Silence Reigns on the US-Backed Coup Against Evo Morales in Bolivia
The Organization of American States had a key role in the destruction of the country’s democracy last November.
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A polar bear keeps close to her young along the Beaufort Sea coast in Arctic National Wildlife Refuge. (Photo: Susanne Miller/USFWS/Flickr) Views
Species in Peril: Loss, Love and Protection
Our nonhuman relatives need us and, we need them.
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A member of the Porcupine caribou herd, which conservation and native groups say would be horribly impacted if fossil fuel exploration and extraction takes place in ANWR's Coastal Plain. News
With 'Irreparable Damage' Looming, 15 State AGs File Suit to Block Trump From Fossil Fuel Assault on Arctic Refuge
"Hard to say what's worse—destroying the nation's largest wildlife refuge, or further inflaming the climate crisis with new oil and gas drilling so a few fossil fuel companies can profit at the people's expense."
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Casey Camp-Horinek, Ponca Councilwoman, Ponca Nation of Oklahoma, speaking outside the 2018 Global Climate Action Summit in California. (Photo: Christopher D. Cook) Views
A Message to Senate Democrats: Tribal Lands Are Not Carbon Dumping Grounds
Targeting Native nations with carbon pricing projects that would disproportionately increase wealth and accumulation for the largest petroleum and mineral polluters at the expense of Native lives is unforgivable and horrifying.
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Oil sludge from one of the hundreds of waste pits that Chevron left in the Ecuadorean Amazon. (Photo: via Indian Country News) Views
How Corporate Tyranny Works
Those, like environmental lawyer Steven Donziger, who fight the corporate control of our society on behalf of the vulnerable find the institutions of power unite to crucify them.
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Caribou graze on the coastal plain of the Arctic National Wildlife Refuge in Alaska. News
Coalition Files Suit to Stop Trump's "Slapdash and Tragic Plan" to Drill in Arctic National Wildlife Refuge
"As our ancestors before us, we will stand and fight for our future generations, for the Porcupine caribou herd, and the Gwich'in way of life."
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