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Rev. Lennox Yearwood Jr. of the Hip Hop Caucus in front of the DNC on June 12. DNC chair Tom Perez said the party will not host an official primary debate on the climate crisis, and will restrict candidates from participating in third-party climate debates. In response, people gathered at the DNC headquarters in Washington, DC, to demand the party reverse its stance. News
'We Don't Have Time for This': Activists at Party Headquarters Demand DNC Hold Climate Debate
"We're not giving up—and we're not settling for soundbites. We demand action."
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 anti-fracking protesters News
As Study Shows Methane Emissions 'Vastly Underestimated,' Warnings That US Fracked Gas Export Bonanza Imperils Planetary Stability
"Science confirms that gas is a climate killer."
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One of the reasons investors still have confidence is because of political inaction on climate, especially by the Trump Administration. (Photo: Tony Webster/flickr/cc) Views
Climate Denying Trump Administration Rebrands Fossil Fuels as "Freedom Gas"
If people thought the first two plus years of the Trump Administration were bad for those fighting climate change, the worst is seems yet to come
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'Gas Is a Loser and It's Time to Move On': Report Debunks Myth That Natural Gas Can Help Fight Climate Crisis
"Despite desperate attempts by the oil and gas industry to persuade policymakers that their products have a future in a climate-safe world, a rational look at the data clearly shows otherwise."
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The Climate Rebellion May Be Growing, But Big Oil Keeps on Drilling
Even though the science says we cannot carry on drilling, the oil industry capital investment over the next decade is forecast to rise over 85%, reaching over $1 trillion a year.
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Bernie Sanders 'Raises the Bar Even Further' on Climate With Vow to Ban Fracking, All New Fossil Fuel Projects
" That is exactly the kind of leadership we need if we hope to stop the worst impacts of climate change."
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Delayed and Over Budget Fracked Gas Pipeline Faces 'Triple Threat,' New Briefing Warns Investors
"The Atlantic Coast Pipeline is an environmental, climate, and human rights boondoggle."
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banking on climate change News
Green Groups Call Out Big Banks for Pouring Billions Into Fossil Fuel Industry
"The massive scale at which global banks continue to pump billions of dollars into fossil fuels is flatly incompatible with a livable future."
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climate strike Views
Climate Crisis: Now Will the Older Generation Step Up?
To many who have worked on this for years, it is continually baffling that climate change is not seen as an emergency. To the young, it is a complete and utter disgrace
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Robert Mercer Views
As Evidence of Man-Made Global Warming Hits 'Gold Standard,' Robert Mercer Continues Funding Denialists
Mercer’s denial is eroding our future and that of our children, too
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