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Kavanaugh’s decisions and political statements are so off the wall, I’ve called him a corporation masquerading as a human being. (Photo: Getty) Views
Let’s Start a Kavanaugh Watch to Check All Five Corporate Judges
Their unjust decisions, hiding behind stylized plausibility and casuistry, need to be unmasked and regularly relayed to the American people
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Supreme Court nominee Brett Kavanaugh testifies before the Senate Judiciary Committee. (Win McNamee / AP) Views
5 Truths Exposed by Kavanaugh's Rise to the Supreme Court
Kavanaugh’s confirmation represents the culmination of a multi-decade effort by the most revanchist sectors of the right to seize control of the justice system
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Those guardrails of democracy were faulty long before Trump came along and some of the adults in the room are scarier than the squalling infant.(Photo: Common Dreams) Views
Trump’s New Normal: Say Goodbye to the Guardrails of Governance
What happens when the adults in the room are as scary as the crying baby?
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Hamilton started out by suggesting that as long as we continued to have regular elections, the oligarchs wouldn’t be able to gain a toehold in government. (Photo: Peoples World/flickr/cc) Views
Alexander Hamilton Was Preoccupied with the Threat That a Presidency Like Trump’s Posed for America
This isn’t the first time our democracy has faced the founder’s nightmare—but it is the most dangerous
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Since 'Citizens United,' Just 15 Groups Account for 75 Percent of the $800+ Million in Dark Money Spent on US Elections
"Policy ideas and candidates' positions should be promoted by organizations who are proud to be engaged in our public arena, not secretive front groups designed to deceive voters, hide donors, and deploy deceptive tactics."
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So what should Democrats do? (Photo: Drew Angerer/Getty Images) Views
Democrats Can Block the Kavanaugh Nomination If They Want To
If Democratic votes put Kavanaugh on the Court, the nation will be harmed irreparably, and Democrats will not only be complicit, they will be seen to be complicit, risking even further abandonment by the young and first-time voters they must inspire
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Brett Kavanaugh and the Triumph of the Conservative Counterrevolution
Kavanaugh's ascension to the nation's highest court, while infuriating, is no accident. Like other right-wing justices before him, his rise is the result of careful calculation by powerful regressive forces who have been plotting this course for decades
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Can Elizabeth Warren's Big New Idea Save Capitalism (and America) From Itself?
This isn’t socialism, but it's an attempt to make the brutal "free market" a little more responsive to the needs and demands of the workers who toil within this flawed economic system
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"Now, at a moment of crisis and high political tension, the public seems unable to grasp the gravity of allowing the government or anyone else to use that power." (Valentin Wolf/imageBROKER/REX Shutterstock, Ilana Panich-Linsman/The New York Times/Redux)  Views
Beware the Slippery Slope of Facebook Censorship
The social network is too big and broken to properly function, and these “fixes” will only create more problems
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Rashida Tlaib News
Democratic Socialist Rashida Tlaib Poised to Become First Palestinian-American Congresswoman
"I think if more members of Congress actually knew the realities of war and regime change, they wouldn't be so callous about dropping bombs in distant countries," the candidate says, describing her foreign policy
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