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That the Supreme Court was failing its constitutional role had been clear to close observers since the 1976 decision in Buckley v. Valeo, which ruled that election spending was "speech." Views
Four Ways to Expand the U.S. Supreme Court
Congressional action can address the problem
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More and more states are agreeing: political spending is a problem. News
'In Everyone's Best Interests': New Hampshire 20th State to Call for Constitutional Amendment Limiting Political Spending
"For years, Granite Staters have been working together across party lines, trying to get a constitutional amendment to renew the promise of equal citizenship and effective self-governance. The unflagging work of so many citizens has paid off."
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US Supreme Court Views
Law and Disorder: Why Corporatism Will Dominate US Policy for Decades to Come
Trump and McConnell are doing everything possible to pack the courts with folks who have a higher regard for business than they do for the Constitution.
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This Is How Republics Die
And no, the nation will not just "bounce back" once Trump is gone
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Politics should be more than a cover for get-rich-quick schemes. (Photo: Mike Kline) Views
Don’t Rebrand Corruption
No one is happier about the Supreme Court’s rebranding of corruption than sketchy politicians, argues Brennan Center Fellow Ciara Torres-Spelliscy.
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How Congress Can Help Fix the Federal Election Commission
There is growing momentum for major FEC reforms
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As Support for Extinction Rebellion Soars, Group Says London Occupations Will End But 'International Rebellion' Will Continue
The global movement says it will stop occupying London landmarks on Thursday, as lawmakers agree to meeting
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Our citizens are facing a broad, multifaceted attack on democracy itself. (Photo: jerry dohnal/flickr/cc) Views
“Free” Markets and the Attack on Democracy
The signs of neoliberalism are all around us
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 1% of the population actually provides a quarter of all the money spent on politics by individuals and 80% of what the two major political parties raise. (Photo: Austin Kirk/flickr/cc) Views
Money Talks, Big Time
1% politics and the scandals of a new gilded age
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Just days after Scott Walker announced that he was the new head of CSNDS, he announced that he also would be working for a group whose primary focus is to defend Republican state legislatures that have gerrymandered their states. (Photo: H. Darr Beiser, USA TODAY) Views
Scott Walker to Head ‘Slow Moving Coup’ to Repeal-and-Replace U.S. Constitution
Hiding behind the goal of a “balanced budget,” is a movement about using constitutional change to destroy the power of the federal government
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