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"Their presumption of class privilege — the warped idea that their great wealth entitled them to rule over and even impoverish the many — is not unique." (Photo: Spencer Platt/Getty Images) Views
Patience and Secrecy in the Kochs' Complex Conspiracy
It's a quiet, multifaceted coup that has been underway for some 40 years and has been astonishingly successful ... and disturbingly legal.
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U.S. President Donald Trump Views
How To Stop Trump
He is the product of years of stagnant wages and big money's corruption of our democracy
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"Let's turn opinion into action by overturning #CitizensUnited and enacting public financing of elections nationwide," says Public Citizen's Democracy Is for People campaign. (Photo: Backbone Campaign/flickr/cc) News
Recognizing Powerful Interests Running the Joint, More Than 75% of Americans Back Campaign Finance Reform
"Let's turn opinion into action by overturning #CitizensUnited and enacting public financing of elections nationwide," says Public Citizen in response to new Pew survey.
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The Supreme Court's infamous decision in Citizens United v. Federal Election Commission will go down in US history alongside Dred Scott v. Sandford (1857) and Plessy v. Ferguson (1896) as among the worst moments in US jurisprudence. (Photo: Olivier Douliery/Abaca Press/MCT) Views
Mick Mulvaney Delivers the Chilling Truth
A political system among the most corrupt in the world.
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'Pressure Works': Kamala Harris Becomes Fifth Likely Democratic 2020 Contender to Swear Off Corporate Cash
"Any other Democrat who wants to run in 2020 should make the same pledge" to reject corporate PAC money, progressives say
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Recognizing Working Class Pain 'That Doesn't Make CNN,' Sanders and Rev. Barber Call for Building Truly Moral Economy
"A moral economy is one that says, in the wealthiest country in the history of the world, all of our people should be able to live with dignity and security."
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"Nobody in Congress is talking seriously about passing bills to remove private cash from the public elections—or even to mandate reasonable “dark money” disclosure." (DonkeyHotey/cc) Views
Who Will Protect Elections From U.S. Oligarchs?
No other “democracy” in the developed world comes close to the United States when it comes to giving big-money donors unregulated power in their national electoral processes.
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"Since 2010, the National Rifle Association has spent over $120 million to ensure the interest of gun manufacturers are represented over the safety of our families and the will of the people." (Photo: Light Brigading/flickr/cc) Views
To End Gun Violence, We Need to Address the Influence of Big Money In Politics
Despite overwhelming popular support for stricter gun control laws, Congress has been unwilling to act because of pressure from powerful special interests.
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"As a presidential candidate, Donald Trump promised to “bomb the shit” out of the Islamic State and he’s been as good as his word." (Photo: Debra Sweet/flickr/cc) Views
Trump to the International Community: Drop Dead
Washington takes on the world.
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Dan and Marie News
To Fend Off Progressive Primary Challenger Marie Newman, Anti-Choice Group Throws Big Money at Blue Dog Democrat
With endorsements from Sen. Bernie Sanders, Gloria Steinem, and reproductive rights advocates, Newman aims to defeat anti-choice incumbent Rep. Dan Lipinski in Illinois
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