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If we can’t easily regulate the amount of money in our politics, we might spread it around more (like Seattle), or create fewer opportunities to spend it (like Twitter) or less time in which to do so by limiting by law the length of campaigns, as Canada and many other nations do. (Photo: by Ethan Miller/Scott Olson/Olivier Douliery/Ira L. Black/Tsvi Braverman/Getty Images) Views
Can We Get the Money Out of Politics?
Many of the problems we have in the U.S. system, such as the Electoral College trumping (ahem) the popular vote, are institutional problems, and they are preserved by the high standards we set to amend the Constitution.
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"The most serious constitutional violations are the ones that are institutional usurpations." (Photo: Mr.Fish) Views
The End of the Rule of Law: The 12 Impeachable Offenses Committed By Trump
"If we take a narrow approach to impeachment, that will mean that all the more egregious violations will be viewed as having been endorsed and not rebuked and successive presidents will feel they have a green light to emulate Trump on everything except a Ukrainian shakedown."
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A case in Alaska could go to the U.S. Supreme Court and possibly overturn Citizens United. News
'Historic' Alaska Ruling Could Provide Roadmap to Defeating Citizens United
"This decision gives Alaskans and all Americans a chance to revisit those destructive decisions."
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In nation after nation throughout modern history, every time government has been taken over by oligarchs and corporations, democracy has died—usually to be replaced by a strongman form of oligarchy or outright fascism. (Photo:  Stephen Melkisethian/flickr/cc) Views
A Democracy-Killing Duo: How the Supreme Court and the Morbidly Rich Are Ruining Democracy in America
This is not democracy; it’s oligarchy or, at the very least, a corporate state.
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Company executives enjoy virtually a free hand to make decisions about allocating funds for political purposes and those purposes are naturally guided by the executives' own political preferences. (Photo: David Ohmer/flickr/cc) Views
Reassessing Corporate Social Responsibility
Neither voluntary nor mandatory social responsibility can substitute for public policies, including business regulation, formulated by representatives whose campaigns are financed by true citizens.
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Citizens United protest Views
Legalized Political Corruption Is So Much Bigger Than Trump: A Journey in 7 Charts
It's time for a democracy movement that directly attacks systemic corruption by depending not on specific leaders but on a grassroots movement that both produces leaders and holds them accountable.
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A much bigger bribery scandal is played out every day in America with nary a peep from the media. It’s the way billionaires and big corporations buy not just college admissions but tax cuts, deregulation, and hundreds of billions in government subsidies paid for with our taxes. (Photo: Paul Marotta/Getty Images) Views
The Big American Bribery Scandal Isn't Felicity Huffman's $15,000
While bribing your child’s way into an elite college is pretty bad, it pales in comparison with the millions of dollars in bribes paid every hour in America at the federal and state level so billionaires and big corporations can get the laws they want.
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The list of problems getting buried by money is nearly endless.  Gun control; health care; a living wage; the high cost of education; endless war; each is rooted in the power of the oligarch’s coup, and each is a function of money in politics. Views
The Plutocratic War on People: Centrists and Conservatives are Ignoring the Giant Elephant in Our National Living Room
The best analogy I can think of to characterize what passes for political “debate” in America these days, is a bunch of people stuck in a rubber life raft with a big leak hissing away, drifting in the midst of a vast ocean surrounded for as far as they can see by starving sharks, while a few “...
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Danielle Greene and Jennifer Vassil attend a rally News
Over 120 Groups Call on Congress to Back Constitutional Amendment Overturning Citizens United
"America needs to be responsive to the people, not to corporations and special interests, or it is no longer a democratic republic."
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Trade organizations are using nonprofit tax rules to wriggle out of disclosing spending, according to a new report. News
'Distressing': Report Details How Trade Organizations Plow Billions in Unaccountable Cash to Lobby Lawmakers
"People forget about them because they've just been there [collecting] large sums of money for a very long time."
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