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The Space Force is a huge white elephant, worse than the Reagan-era missile defense system dubbed Star Wars. (Photo: Shutterstock) Views
Trump's Space Force Means Trump Not Satisfied Being Terrible Only on This Planet
The U.S. military is creating an imaginary "space gap" to pour money into closing, wasting funds while increasing the risk of conflict.
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After Days of Claiming Soleimani Posed "Imminent" Threat to US, Trump Finally Declares "It Doesn't Really Matter"
"If this is the case, then nothing matters."
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President Donald Trump address to the nation from the Grand Foyer at the White House on Wednesday, January 8, 2020 in Washington, D.C. News
Seems Increasingly Likely Trump Just Made Up the 'Imminent Threat' Posed by Soleimani
New reporting reveals the president conditionally approved the Iranian general's assassination seven months ago.
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US Secretary of State Mike Pompeo(R) listens as US President Donald Trump speaks about the situation with Iran in the Grand Foyer of the White House in Washington, D.C., January 8, 2020. Views
Trump's "WMD" Scandal? Was the Charge of "Imminent" Soleimani Attack Just Made Up?
The “intelligence” on which Trump and Esper and secretary of state Mike Pompeo made their decision to off Soleimani was likely raw and cherry-picked.
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Defense Secretary Mark Esper News
Defense Secretary Sparks Doubts About Alleged Threat to Embassies as Poll Shows Americans Disapprove of Trump's Handling of Iran
Mark Esper says he "didn't see" evidence supporting President Donald Trump's claim that Iran was planning to attack four U.S. embassies.
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After more than 18 years of war with neither end nor victory in sight, says Tom Engelhardt, absolute failure is the "new success" as Pentagon budgets and arms makers' profits soar while the military-industrial complex enjoys the bounty of endless conflict and blood further than the eye can see. (Photo: Jeff Owens / EyeEm / iStock via Getty Images) Views
The Global War of Error
No, that's not a typo.
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Al-Zamili continued, saying that “our ranks must be closed, because the enemy is preparing to eradicate and eliminate us, and we must not give in to the United States but rather must draw up plans confront it.” (Photo Credit: Creative Commons) Views
Provoked by Trump’s Crazed Attack, Shiite Militias Threaten US Military
In an angry Tweet, al-Khazali said that Iraqis were a courageous and competitive people, and their response to the US will not be of less severity than that of Iran.
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The administration justified the killing of Soleimani by suggesting that he and Iran’s surrogates throughout the region were on the verge of attacks that threatened U.S. soldiers. It has not provided evidence for these imminent attacks.(Photo: Shutterstock) Views
The Endless War With Iran
The current crisis might be averted, but the longer U.S. war with Iran continues.
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As White House Works to Crush Debate Over Legality of Iran Strike, Democrats Move Ahead With War Powers Vote
"Members of Congress aren't going to stand aside as Trump drags us into another possible war in the Middle East."
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No country would accept this economic strangulation at the hands of another without striking back in some way, and Iran’s replies to Trump’s fingers around its wind pipe have brought us to this pass. (Photo: Screenshot) Views
Trump Has Conducted a War on Iran for 19 Months; Iran Finally Hit Back
Trump’s blockade on Iran has not the slightest legitimacy. If you blockade a country and prevent its trade with naval ships, that is an act of war in international law.
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