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 "Time after time after time," writes McFeatters, Senator Majority Leader Mitch McConnell of Kentucky "has defended Trump's indefensible behavior and policy positions that at one time were anathema to the Republican Party." (Photo: Alex Wong/Getty Images) Views
The Name of the Only Republican Possibly Worse Than Donald Trump Is Mitch McConnell
Perhaps even more than the morally bankrupt Trump, McConnell is the worst among us
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Their petulance is that of the underachieving rich kid who nevertheless manages to snatch power for himself and has only contempt for those who let him get there. (BRENDAN SMIALOWSKI/AFP/Getty Images) Views
The Politics of Petulance, From Donald Trump to Boris Johnson
Four decades of relentless there-is-no-alternative propaganda has so many people believing that change is impossible, so you might as well stick your middle finger up at the world instead.
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 As late as 2007 he called busing a "liberal train wreck" in an autobiography. (Photo: Illustrated | REUTERS/Jim Young, EvgVect/iStock, -slav-/iStock) Views
Joe Biden's Record on Race Is Even Worse Than Kamala Harris Lets On
When African-Americans arguably needed his help the most—Biden has repeatedly wielded his power to devastate the black community
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Bernie Sanders Is Bringing Back the Most Underrated Education Policy
School integration has been outside the main political discussion for a long time, and it's long since time we started talking about it again.
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The government has dismissed Native Americans, state farmers and ranchers, and residents of nearby states who opposed the pipeline as outside agitators. (Photo: David Goldman/ AP) Views
The South Dakota Legislature Has Invented a New Legal Term to Target Pipeline Protesters
The new law gives the state the authority to sue individuals and organizations for “riot boosting,” but it does not clearly describe what speech or conduct it considers to be “riot boosting.”
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A crowd forms to take photos of the marchers before they cross the Edmund Pettus Bridge Sunday, March 3, 2019, during the Bloody Sunday commemoration in Selma, Ala. (Photo: AP Photo/Julie Bennett) Views
Selma, the Birthplace of Modern Democracy in America
Selma helped secure the right to vote for African Americans and the young, and for providing the foundation for future battles for equality, including the equal rights of women
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The Uses of a Well-Regulated Militia by an Unregulated President
Where will the National Guard be sent in 2019?
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President Trump greets the audience before speaking at a campaign rally in Cleveland on Monday. (Tony Dejak/AP) Views
Trump Stokes Resentment Toward Minorities. Republicans Just Smile
Republicans who do not reject and condemn Trump’s demagoguery are complicit in it and will share in history’s judgment
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Supporters of Conor Lamb, the Democratic candidate in Pennsylvania's 18th Congressional District, hold signs during a special election event last March in Canonsburg, Pa. (Photo: Gene J. Puskar / AP) Views
Blue Wave or Red Wave? No Way to Tell
It’s a tremendous toss-up
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This Is An Invasion of Our Country
Photo by Doug Mills, New York Times No, not these spent and sweet-faced kids asleep on a floor in God knows where, having trudged for days with their families and thousands of bedraggled others seeking safety and a better life. The invasion is the fascist clown spewing racist loathsome lies about...
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