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People take over the intersection in front of the WA State Convention Center on the 20 year anniversary of the WTO Shutdown. (Photo: Elliot Stoller) Views
Celebrating WTO+20 and Looking Forward in Seattle
Marking the anniversary of the WTO street uprising would not be complete without getting into the streets.
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We were part of the People’s Global Action network, which came out of a series of Zapatista-initiated “Encuentro” gatherings. We used the phrase, “Our resistance will be as transnational as capital.” (Photo: David Solnit) Views
WTO Shutdown: A Few Things From the WTO Shutdown I Carry Into the Future
There is an incredible opportunity to use street theater—art, dance, music, giant puppets, graffiti art and theater—and nonviolent direct action to simplify and dramatize the issues of corporate globalization and to develop and spread new and creative forms of resistance.
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RESIST Banner 1999 (Photo: Dang Ngo: ZUMA Press) Views
WTO Shutdown: The Kids Are Alright
This is a period when on certain issues, massive, non-violent direct action is in order, as the demonstration in Seattle shows.
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Of all the activities planned around the WTO, the People's Assembly served as the sharpest counterpoint to the WTO, exposing it to be no less than an instrument of US imperialism. (Photo: Oakley Myers) Views
WTO Shutdown: 'Victory Belongs to the People'
"I salute all the activists who continue to intensify our resistance against monopoly capitalism."
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WTO protest Views
WTO Shutdown: This Is What Democracy Looked Like
Democracy must be more than one meeting, more than a process, more than a day of action or a tactic. It must include deep deliberation, a commitment to intersectional justice, creative and compassionate shared leadership and governance.
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"It is imperative to remember, not just to celebrate but to understand what to do next. The victory is not the end of the story." (Photo: Dana Shurholz) Views
WTO Shutdown: What Now and What Next
Imagining our collective futures 20 years after Seattle and 20 years from today
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I'm glad that we were chanting "This is what democracy looks like" as they took as into custody for our non-violent protests. (Photo: Oakley Myers) Views
WTO Shutdown: I Was Jane Doe #520
The baptism by tear gas for my generation of activists has made us warriors—and, judging from my experience, loving warriors.
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The fundamental demand of protesters in Seattle was a moratorium to WTO negotiations. (Photo: 1999 Dang Ngo/ZUMA Press) Views
WTO Shutdown: How the Food Sovereignty Movement Helped Bring Down the World Trade Organization (WTO)
Twenty years on, the "Spirit of Seattle" continues to inform and inspire many activists today, and clearly points the way to another world being possible.
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 It was an actual political victory, and those don’t happen very often. (Photo: Dana Shurholz) Views
WTO Shutdown: "Shut It Down. Didn't We. Don’t Let Them Tell You That It Can’t Be Done."
People say, "Why do you sing political songs?" And I say that’s the wrong question. The correct question is, "Why don’t you sing political songs?"
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WTO Corporate and Government delegate blockaded by protesters as the first day of the WTO meeting was shut down on November 30, 1999. (Photo: (C) 1999 Dang Ngo_ZUMA Press) Views
WTO Shutdown: Remembering for the Future: Learning from the 1999 Seattle Shutdown
Who could have guessed that this was going to happen? Even those of us who had spent months planning to "shut it down" were stunned when our rhetoric became reality.
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